Tweed Chronicles: Color Saturated Neutral

jenjoycedesign© spun
I have successfully made a color saturated neutral.

Nested in a mountain of other neutral tones, you don’t see it right away,

   but look at where I started …

jenjoycedesign© primary & secondary mix
Primary and secondary colors all in exact equal amounts …

carded three times on the blending board  …

then drawn out into tasty wool sausages !
jenjoycedesign© rolags

If you check out my Primary triad blend here ,  I’ll say that the secondary triad blend experiment was much the same, nearly indistinguishable from the primary , and theoretically should be the same for any color triad on the color wheel .  Tertiary triads too, and lighter values of the triads; as light blue for blue, pink for red, aqua for teal, peach for orange, etc.

In this experiment,  I used two triads together ;  primary + secondary ,  for my ultimate color-saturated neutral, and I must say this blend was really fun to spin … the colors are all there. 

jenjoycedesign© spun detail

I’ve got my color-saturated-neutral base recipe, a base for my own color palette of ‘slightly earthy heathers’ , as I’ve never been drawn to vivid hues when buying yarns.  From a color-saturated neutral I can base everything, light or dark, and with color intensity varying.  I’m looking forward to developing more recipes ~~ watch this space!

♣     ♣     ♣

Techy stuff …

  • Equal amounts of each of primary: red, yellow, and blue , and/or secondary: purple, orange and green.
  • Layered very thinly one color at a time, alternately.  I mean really a lot of thin layers … using  this technique,
  • Lifted batt, layered again, total of three times.
  • Drew off rolags.
  • Colorway blend:  “Color Saturated Neutral” .
  • See ALL color blending experiments & recipes archived in Tweed Chronicles


13 thoughts on “Tweed Chronicles: Color Saturated Neutral

  1. I suppose it would come out nigh on identical now I think about it but I hadn’t thought it through at all and was surprised when I read that it had. Well done on completing that investigation. I’ll look forward to your next round of colour playfulness 🙂

    • Yeah, I felt like, not worth a whole post for the secondary triad experiments, for the yarn was nearly the same. I WAS going to try tirtiary triads, but at this point, I want to get on with some other ideas. Stay tuned…xx

  2. I think, Jen, it may be time for you to teach clinics at big yarn festivals. There are yarn manufacturers and indie dyers that would surely pay for your knowledge and expertise. Hey…will you be safe from the smoke due to be blowing inland from the Ventura fires? I’m very worried for you and Emma and Jeff…again. Please give us a status report.

    • Wee Taddie, don’t worry, we’re fine here, Ventura is so very south of us that , as of yet, no smoke here. It is such a weird , and even dismal Autumn I have to say.
      For now I will hunker in my fort here on Yarnings, wood-shedding with fiber, and spinning wheel (eventually some knitting too) and speak to the world from my tiny virtual window, and if there are fiberists out there who are enjoying these color blending experiments & recipes, I hope they join in the conversation here. xx

  3. Thanks for the status report and update. Thank goodness you are far from the madding fires. The chair is a lovely little find. What do you call those little pinwheels on the sides besides little-pinwheels-on-the-side-wings? A little comfort…at last, something material to love. :> )

    • Taddy, I’ve been finding a lot of chairs actually, this particular one is just a more interesting. I’ve got ‘ a thing ‘ for photographing chairs as props, so I’ll be slowly revealing my finds.

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