A little something I’ve thrown together…

jenjoycedesign©Azul chullo2

This colorful & folksy chullo I knit up in the last few days for my chullo-wearing brother, complete with chuflín and Latvian braid, and four hues of blue. I have decided I like it a lot and  am considering writing a pattern for it. . .

jenjoycedesign©Azul chullo

Meanwhile, I’ve got  my nieces all queued up for a photo shoot for Spring Tees tomorrow morning… I can’t wait! We’re having a bout of brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures after a ton of rain for weeks!

Now all my deadline knitting is finished, I am working on something really interesting, but I will not speak about it until it’s finished in it’s many variations. Its a big piece of work for me.  Here’s to Vernal Knitting, chillin’ with cups of tea and coffee and enjoying myself , having reached my recent knitterly goals, and well…   life is good. 

14 thoughts on “A little something I’ve thrown together…

    • Thanks Laine, but you know, in 2009 I felt the same way and just started my first colorwork project, and found it to be a lot easier than it seemed! 🙂

  1. Very cute…love all the blues! So glad to hear there’s some nice sunshine waiting for us. We arrive G.E. on Monday!

  2. That color patterning is beautiful! It boggles my mind how you and other colorwork designers can figure out the mathematics of making these things work especially around the increasing and decreasing shaping of hats! Thanks for your wonderful work and inspiration!

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