Nora’s Alpaca Cardigan

I finished this little cardigan well before Christmas , but couldn’t post it until now. So, here it is, Christmas morning and little Nora (who is already starting to walk at eight and a half months) will have her sweater to wear.  Nora is a big baby girl, so I made it plenty big for growing, for hopefully through winter, and into spring.

This was a first in many ways. My first Top-Down knit, my first baby sweater, my first alpaca sweater, as well as little Nora’s first Christmas. I adapted the pattern from this free pattern from Ravelry. I improvised my way through all of the yoke increases, not necessarily following the pattern exactly, but it was a great guideline to have.

I incorporated an edging I’ve been working on for a few projects and suppose it to be a bit of a signature now ~ a sort of hybrid of rib and moss stitch, and now with a vikkel braid stitch bordering the rib on the inside. I also edged the moss stitch yoke bands with vikkel braid stitch, which I think is an absolutely charming and modest detail.

Nora’s Cardigan is ravelled here.   Note ~ the little bunny in photo was my mom’s when she was  a little girl, probably given to her on Christmas, probably about 75 years ago.

Have a Very Merry Christmas  !

5 thoughts on “Nora’s Alpaca Cardigan

  1. Charming indeed. It’s a beautiful “container” of love and thoughtfulness. I have not heard of a Vikkel Braid stitch so will look forward to looking up and studying it. The bunny caught my eye too and thought it was vintage and absolutely out of this world. How sweet it’s to hold and walk down the memory lane whenever your mind takes you. Merry Christmas, Jen.

    If I could have a Christmas wish come true,
    I would wish for wonderful things to come to you.

    I wish you happiness in everything you do,
    I hope not many worries or problems will come to you.

    I wish you hope that can brighten the cloudiest day,
    And strength to accept all that life sends your way.

    May you rise each day with sunlight in your heart,
    And may all your hopes and dreams never fall apart.

    With my warmest thoughts, and memories of you,
    I wish that all your joys, and wishes will come true.

    When these special wishes are delivered to your door,
    There’s no doubt they will be, accompanied by many more.

    Of all the Christmas wishes delivered to you yearly,
    There couldn’t be another that’s wished
    more warmly or sincerely.

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