A Wee Sherpa Hat

Emma and I have been busy.

Recently I visited an old friend in this post and decided it was time for me to do more totally improv hats again. I am very interested in using up bits of stash yarn , perfecting these hats ! My brother is wild about these and well, his birthday is in April.  But this little hat for little   I decided yesterday afternoon to make for a present, as the one for who it is made is two months old and I’m attending a party for her tomorrow.  This wee hat is first in a series of “Sherpa Neuveau” hats I will knit up lots in the foreseen future… my brother’s to be next.

Here it is, inside out.

In nice dappled light on the piano, angled so you can see the relief of the purl rows

I’m very satisfied with my improvising, though the crocheted edge is done badly (I don’t crochet,  I improv’d that too, I was trying to tame the curling ear flaps !

It’s quite a cute little hat, perfect for a 2month baby-sized head. The colors don’t seem as vivid in the photographs as they are in person ( I need to get the hang of lighting in photography). The light purple and green backgrounds are alpaca , with little filled in color from various wool and wool blends I have hanging around. Adorable I might say myself.

9 thoughts on “A Wee Sherpa Hat

  1. I love these. Just listeded to a Math For Knitters podcast last week talking about the similar Peruvian hats and their technique. As always, love the colors!

    • I have been revisiting my old methods… though I should learn the traditional chullo (not churro, I keep calling them that) . Anyway, I have heard from Phoebe’s gramma, that she’s wearing it lots !

  2. Can I switch spot with Emma?? Sherpa Neuveau is to stunning. Very pleasing and well-blend. Imagine it’s very nice, soft, and comfy in alpaca. The crochet edge looks perfectly executed from my screen 😀 Nice all around, girl. Mods or no mod…it’s gorgeous. Key to show off those gorgeous colors is natural lighting. If not, set up a DIY light box. There are many tutorial out there…very easy to do and perfect for these type/size projects. Did you take pictures of Phoebe with the adorable hat? Do show 😀 LOVE this, totally!

    • Thank you Sarah… I will look into such a light box ! Though I do love, love, love taking photos about the house in the different kinds of daylight… I ought to just experiment more, but I really wanted the wee sherpa hat out the door that afternoon, and had no time to mess around. I wasn’t able to photograph Phoebe in her hat, it was a hoppin’ party and presents were not opened until later, so, okay, maybe another time. Hope so ! I will knit another for my brother soon… spend more time.

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