Its Only Knitting

I’ve been busy as a bee working away on my designs, coming up with new ones and further test-knitting my existing ones.  Add now tutorials.  I have gotten to the point in the whole knitting Thing where I really don’t have time or energy to put into anything which is not my own design.  I really can’t regret this , because whether or not I endeavor to write the design into a pattern, I’ve just come to face the fact that I have to make up for lost time.  I’ve embraced Indie Design, and am committed to wear ‘all of the hats’ in the job, and I’m ready for a lot of hard work ahead. The more I tell myself this the more I want to work like an ox towards succeeding. However, the elusive truth often escapes me, and that is ” Its only knitting. ”   A quote of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s used by over-zealous knitters everywhere.  Although it is ‘only knitting’ ,  I am practically ‘only knitting’. I have little chalkboards I’ve made which I’ve placed in prominent places of my work space ,  with lists or sage messages to give me perspective, and I use them to keep my focus clear wherever I turn.  Today’s brilliant message . . .


10 thoughts on “Its Only Knitting

  1. I tell myself that too, especially if I make a mistake, “it’s only knitting – no one died!”. In fact, that’s my answer to everything if someone gets their knickers in a twist over something. I always say,”no one died, don’t get your knickers in a twist – it makes you walk funny!”. 😄

    • How about trying a few chalkboards in your house… they’re fun ! I find old frames at thrift shops and convert them to chalk boards… spray chalkboard paint on the compressed craft board (I forget what it’s called). 🙂 xx

      • I should definitely do that. We painted the door to the kiddos bedroom with chalkboard paint and they absolutely love it but I never thought of making chalkboards for me to play with. Definitely going on my “to-do” list 🙂

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