Lazy Hazy Dog Days Of Summer

Well folks, we’re in the dog days of summer.  Such a funny expression…. ‘dog days’ … let me look it up.

dog days
  1. the hottest period of the year (reckoned in antiquity from the heliacal rising of Sirius, the Dog Star).
    • a period of inactivity or sluggishness.
      “in August the baseball races are in the dog days”

I can bet that Emma is as tired of them as I am.  Everything dry as parchment outside, and no rain in sight for another month.  Another month or longer !

This early morning we are pacing ourselves …
At the very  least… er…most… there’s lots of knitting going on.

How is your summer going? ( Or winter, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere).

What are you up to?

12 thoughts on “Lazy Hazy Dog Days Of Summer

  1. Hi Jen! I’m back from the land of Oz. I just got on the internet to read some blogs and here was yours. We had rain for 3 weeks! And now its sunny and cool, definitely fall in the air. I don’t know if we are going to have the dog days of summer this year, it seems like we went straight from rain to fall with nothing in between. Knitting? I am, and I am on a lace scarf, 12 in X 70 in. Its a pattern, a maple leaf pattern, and beautiful hand painted yarn. Finished a bunch of cowls for my sister, and am enjoying making things for me. Oh and a little housework, just to keep up. Oreo says HI to Emma, and hopes Emma is doing fine. She looks beautiful as ever! I just heard the ice cream truck go by, I might have to run out and catch it!! Yummy!

    • Oh Martha, you definitely are better off with lots of rain over what we have here , which is drought. I’d love to be there about now ! Lots of nice knitting, and cowls gotta be the most satisfying and fast (( I think I’ll try one soon!)) Icecream truck???? How absolutely charming ! My favorite old-fashioned icecream is an Eskimo Bar ! ((I fondly remember my mother buying those for us)). Tomorrow when it comes by again, you can have one for me. 🙂 So nice to hear from you Martha xxx

        • Well the rain has finally stopped. And now I am feeling better too. It was great to sit inside and knit when it rained, but I love the fall weather we have now. And yep, I did run out to the ice cream truck and get a goody! They have all flavors and luscious things. I had enough for both of us! lol. 🙂 Oreo liked his attention from Emma, I patted him on the head for her, and he seemed quite content to know he has a cyber friend! Now I have to catch up on what you have been doing lately, so I have some reading to do.

  2. Emma is such a beautiful compainion to have around looks like an excellent knitter’s helper. 🙂
    Here, we are past the warmerst part of our summer … the mornings and evenings are cooler and more Autumn-ish with each passing week.

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