Napa Earthquake After

Alexander building after quake
topped barrels from Napa Quake
Napa quake fault
historic courthouse of Napa after earthquakeAs the post-quake mess is being more accurately assessed, on the second day after the 6.0 Napa Earthquake,  we are finding a lot of homes damaged, and loss of inventory of downtown business, and in wineries, 90 water lines broken, some fires, 60 buildings red-tagged, 210 injuries, no fatalities, and 5 km of fault line crack being examined, to list a few.  And still getting aftershocks. You can see all seismographic readings on the quake and it’s aftershocks over on USGS site for the Napa Earthquake here .

Personally I am touched at so many folks who have checked in to see if we are okay.  Big hug to all of you!

10 thoughts on “Napa Earthquake After

    • Hi Morrie, I believe the main fault , thus cracking, went through the Carneros area… from out at Milton road , through Old Sonoma Rd, into Browns Valley even. That’s what I hear. Jeff was driving home last night and saw a long worm-like ripple through a vineyard off of Old Sonoma… said he saw USGS folk photographing.

      • Ah, I see. It looked bigger than the one on Arnold Dr by me. That one ran out a few hundred feet into the winery ..10 ft deep. We’ve had a total of 10 aftershocks this am and we felt the 3.9 jiggle this morning.

        • Well, come to think of it, the fault being epicenter in Carneros, is very close to where you live if you follow it’s energy northward, so I’m not surprised, you may have felt it more than I . There are several cracks in the pavement on the way up the mountain too, and a dip.

    • True Liz, but in the bigger picture, nothing like the major quake devastation of the past. It’s just was hard on the old brick buildings, that is pretty much all… and lots of broken glass . xx

  1. What a mess, I hope that your water clears up soon. So glad that no one was killed and I would guess that part of that is because it happened in the middle of the night. Is your brother’s family far enough away that they had no problems?

    • Hi Carol, thank you for checking in. Right, no fatalities and that puts everything into perspective. In fact, I changed the title to ‘Napa Earthquake After’ from the original over dramatic “Napa Earthquake devastation” for there really is nothing so bad. My brothers family were woken in the night, but they are fine and fit. We are still getting quiet a few aftershocks this morning, a stream of them… up to 3.9, but I’m not feeling any of them. All is well on the mountain.xx

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