Napa Earthquake ~ We Are OK

At 3:20 a.m. this morning a horrible rumble shook Napa Valley, as historic buildings fractured, water lines broke, fires started, thousands of wine bottles (and probably a hundred thousand wine glasses) fell from cabinets and even wine barrels toppled off of their stands.  Epicenter of a 6.1 earthquake hit Southwest Napa and energy shot northward. Napa town got struck the worst. Still in all, I’ve heard of no fatalities yet but hurt people sent to the hospital by the many dozens, injuries mostly from broken glass.  Chunks of bricks shook off of Napa’s historic courthouse, and a handful of other historic structures badly injured, as inventory of many local businesses has been decimated in downtown.  We’re still watching news, as the power only was restored a little over an hour ago.

First thing I thought as I was shaken awake in the early morning hours from a jarring swaying motion rocking our rugged post & beam house, and as sounds of crashing objects shattered the night silence, and flashing like lightening I saw out of the windows in the distance, was that all of California had been leveled. I thought earthquake-prone San Francisco would be ground zero if we felt it so hard way up here in the mountains of Napa Valley.  I worried while still half asleep that those flashes were fire, but they were only transformers blowing as the power went out in Napa & Sonoma valleys. I was shocked a couple of hours later when talking to my brother (my nieces father) who lives a ways north of Napa Valley who had been privy to breaking news (excuse the pun) that WE were the epicenter!

Now having a noontime cup of tea I am realizing how lucky we were.  California is earthquake country, this is the third frightful earthquake I have personally experienced in my lifetime, while the memories of little shakes are soon forgotten, the eerie memory of the really dramatic ones are etched in my mind forever.

The worst of the crashing things in our house up on the mountain (not in the town) was in my knitting loft…


jenjoycedesign©eath-quake Just a few things fell off of my desk, camera & tripod fell over, and a small crack in my Osborne mandolin, it mostly it went out of tune (though of course this is not my main playing mandolin, so no worries there!)  A couple of the large rock stacks which stand along our walk toppled . . .

jenjoycedesign©toppled-rock-stacksSo you see, everything is fine here in our neck of the woods, up on Mt Veeder in Northwest Napa, we’re just a little shook up is all, and Emma very insecure, as dogs become in these incidents.  Now back to some straightening up & knitting to calm down, and staying out of the chaos in town for a few days and put everything back in place.


If you would like to find out more information about the earthquake which has hit Napa this morning, there is already a wikipedia page up on the net, which is still being updated, here.

17 thoughts on “Napa Earthquake ~ We Are OK

    • Kelly, thank you so much for your concern, you were one of the first to email me, can you believe it.. .and you are waaaay over in North Scotland !!! Just how intimate and in each other’s pocket we really are in the bigger picture. xxxx

    • Thank you Claudia, all is fine up on the mountain. In town, the numbers of hospitalized or otherwise injured have risen to 120. Broken glass everywhere really was mostly the cause. xx

    • Hello Carol ~~~ Yes, this one was the scariest ever, however distorted a bit in perception because I was not fully awake, but half asleep. I am so tired today, and heading off to bed early now. Thank you for checking in xx

  1. So happy to know everything is all right!
    I only just heard about the quake and naturally thought of you, so I checked your blog immediately and there you are, safe and sound!!! 🙂

  2. Ah, today seems as if the water from our well is all silty & brown. Aquafirs get quite the jolt and who knows how long it will take to pump clear again.

    • Hello Liz. I just went into town for a couple groceries, not even downtown… just to the north plaza where I normally shop. Many stores are closed, there were big cracks in the pavement, and a dip in the road too, coming down the mountain. Seems the structural damage, now that it’s Monday is growing in numbers. But yes, we’re okay, with nothing damaged at all. Just silty water ….

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