Winding Up

jenjoycedesign©windingI’m winding off yarn, while winding up creatively, and gathering colorways of skinny yarn culled from my growing baskets & drawers, to knit ‘held together’ into fluffy cowls. Like this one in blue. Two shades of Malabrigo Sock and one skein of Shibui Silk Cloud…jenjoycedesign©blue comboMy official Rest From Knitting continues through the weekend as I am basically doing the prep work to the knitting, and cleaning and organizing my space(s) too, paying close attention to the somewhat random beginnings of the next process.

5 thoughts on “Winding Up

    • Hi Lolly ! Well, as frugal as it is to use up stash sock yarn (admittedly I went way overboard earlier in the year with my Spring infatuation with Malabrigo Sock yarn…lol) that yesterday was a Sunday-drive-to-Petaluma to my favorite shop Knitterly, was going to buy posh/plush fluffy fat ultra chunky yarn, then instead, bought two skeins of the skinniest they have (although very fuzzy)… and I’m letting out a loud guffaw over the irony here ! You see, I then thought about the whole ‘holding several strands together from my part-skeins of sock yarn, with one fine strand of puffy fuzzy Shibui Silk Cloud I think will be the transforming element to make lovely cowl-ish gifts. And so here I am… with even more yarn. 2015 is going to be interesting as I may make a vow to knit only what I have, and not buy new, we’ll see about that!
      Oh, sorry… waaaay too much information! lol.

  1. Jen, this is a great combination and will be fun to knit. I’ve given up telling myself fairytales about me not buying new yarn. I’m a grown up now and will just have to suffer the mess of having way too much yarn:)))

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