A Tall Stack

jenjoycedesign©stack of Dicey Caps

.. of Scottish Caps !

Above photographed folded, and with toories not tied on in order to show how one might have several colors handy & tie on for the occasion.  The original Dicey Cap, making it’s pattern debut  back in this post,   knit with Jamiesons Shetland Spindrift in natural color “Shaela” .

jenjoycedesign©Dicey Cap Shaela

And  one in Jamiesons  natural  “Sholmit” ( which I think may be my favorite grey of all Spindrift greys.)

jenjoycedesign©Dicey Cap (Sholmit)

And one in Jamiesons natural color “Shetland Black”

( more of a brown black, and has lots of lovely flecks of grey in it.)

jenjoycedesign©Dicey cap Shetland Black

So there you have it, a stack of Dicey Highland Caps ready to be wrapped & stashed under the tree, three weeks ahead of Christmas. How is your gift-making coming along ?
jenjoycedesign©Dicey CapDicey Highland Cap Pattern is HERE.

4 thoughts on “A Tall Stack

  1. I haven’t yet tried the pattern, but I plan to now that I have gotten a wonderful delivery of my favorite colors of Knit Picks Palette yarn!! I really like the colors you’ve chosen and they give me loads of inspiration!

    • Thank you Amy ! The thing with Palette though, is that it is a lot softer and finer than the Shetland yarns, and not as crisp or as sturdy . I just wanted to tell you in my experience, the Palette has to be knit on finer needles, and you might consider the larger size to compensate. Please message me and I can help you with modifications 🙂

        • Right, my suggestion for the larger size with either US 1 – 2.25 mm or 2.50 mm and I believe you may luck out and land right on.

          If you use the US 2 – 2.75mm you’d probably do fine to knit the medium, but it might just be more fluffy and loose , which is fine, just so you know what to expect. 🙂

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