Introducing Snowmelt Tam

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When the snow melts in the Sierra mountains of California, the John Muir Trail becomes like a maiden blushing with the sweetest colors in nature, and from the frozen snow emerges delicate beauty to capture one’s heart. A classic springtime tam, with garlands of alpine flower motifs encircling a single wound-yarn button which is my own variation of a classic needlework button, and in colorwork motifs of my own design.

jenjoycedesign©Snowmelt Tam 4
jenjoycedesign©Snowmelt Tam

jenjoycedesign©Snowmelt Tam detail

jenjoycedesign©Snowmelt Tam2

I have finished the prototype and am  running at the rein  to get the pattern finished and submitted before May. Yes, before the snow melts completely. Just wanted to give you a quick glimpse of what is coming ahead… and hopefully I can wrestle my two lovely nieces into modeling it soon.

8 thoughts on “Introducing Snowmelt Tam

  1. I saw this hat and gasped with awe! So beautiful. I have company for the next few days, i’ll be in touch next week!

  2. The tam is so pretty and I love the accompanying picture of the snowdrops–inspiration always surrounds if we just make ourselves aware and the button is so special- a perfect topping.

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