Emma Is Ten


Emma is ten today, and she’s had a BIG day. Two walks ((it is tradition that we follow her on her birthday, wherever she wants to go, within limits of course)), broken up by unwrapping presents and having a doggie birthday cake, and right now she is quite tired, sleeping on the rug while I post the photos.  Here she is opening her birthday present ~~ Mr Squirrel !


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People!!! Ya gotta help me !!! I’m being slobbered to death by a German Shepherd who’s been squeeking me for hours (in squirrel time, that is days)  with no end in sight….HELP!!!

(( wait… shhh…. she seems to be falling asleep , I gotta make my escape !!!)))

7 thoughts on “Emma Is Ten

  1. This looks like birthday time at my house! Tessie will be 11 in July and it will be a big event. Besides a Tessie sized hamburger “cake”, there will be doggie ice cream. You would think she was a puppy. She plays so obsessively with some of her toys (yes there is a squirrel) that I eventually have to hide them to get any peace. Consequently, I often find an old rubber bone or something on top of the refrigerator or in my sock drawer. Happy birthday to Emma!

    • Ah Sara !!! So your Tessie and my Emma are kindred pups, and for a couple more months the same age. Tessie, is she a wee terrier? I’ve seen the photo on your Ravelry profile 🙂 I can relate to dog toys everywhere around the house, just like toddlers underfoot, I love it!
      Woof to Tessie from Emma

      • Tessie is a Jack Russell. The kind with long legs. There are many stories and pictures about her on my blog…sarazmuz.blogspot.com. Nothing recent though.
        I just blocked the Vineyard Rows Tam!

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