Sweater Descent

jenjoycedesign© sweater-descent-aran-tweed

Descent is a word which takes many directions in meaning, most typically it means to ‘move down’ or ‘lower’ as in a physical place of going, as ‘down from a high place’ as from the peak of a mountain. It has metaphorical meaning to me as well, which I absolutely groove on, like ‘making easier’ and ‘moving into a secure low-ground of the known’.  Of course there is the meaning of ‘lineage’ or ‘clan’, and far-off distant cultures or bloodlines one may have come from.  But for me, primarily  the relationship of the word refers to mountains, and walking, and in my case knitting while walking about the mountain on which I live.

Put it all together and I have myself a fun and meaningful project on hand to ~ finally ~ learn the knack of cardigan making, with focus on unique approaches and short-cuts, and designed for ease which one can actually knit-while-walking. My descent from a shaky high ground through the ‘scree field of mistakes’ into the known of a secure expanse of solid-ground of skill and know-how, to find place where the cardigan can be my ‘go to’ pattern when I want to throw something together and try a new kind of yarn.  (hint, hint… I’ve been wanting to try  Studio Donegal yarns from Donegal, Ireland… forever and a day, but more about that yarn and that place  is another subject for another post).  My favorite kind of clothing is a cardigan, so I am wondering why then is my wardrobe so cardigan-anorexic at this time in my life?

So as a picture tells a thousand words, I leave you fully introduced into my meaning & intent of Sweater Descent, and as there is now the first, that implies intention of a series.

Here forth the mystery will appear from the mist…


6 thoughts on “Sweater Descent

  1. I too love cardigans and would love to knit myself one. I even have enough black yarn on hand to knit myself one, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Your new yarn looks really good and gives you a pleased knitting, I hope!

    “My favorite kind of clothing is a cardigan”
    …… my also! …..
    “so I am wondering why then is my wardrobe so cardigan-anorexic at this time in my life?”
    …….. and although I have a choice of different cardigans ( – obesity), I love to plan to knit more, new ones :-))) …….

    • Petra, yes, I too want to be Sweater Obese! 😉 I figure I’ll get the hang of it this quiet time of year…when a cardigan is about the most charming thing there is! (Oh, and ponchos!) 😉 xx

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