Emma is Eleven

Today is Emma’s eleventh birthday.

014We had a party for her with some friends, who brought her lots of doggie treats and presents!006 (2)
We had home-made tamales, chocolate cake & icecream, and we can bake Emma her own dog biscuits now because we have a biscuit form, doggie cookbook and biscuit mix too!

And …


. . . there’s a new squeaking raccoon toy to torture! 

We went for our traditional walk after the party was over, but Emma and I were too tired to go far. I followed her out into the woods….


Then she stopped a while,


and we both decided to go back home and play with her new toys and take a long nap!

10 thoughts on “Emma is Eleven

  1. Aaaaah, Look at those eyes. Loves to my sweet pup. xoxoxo Thank you for such a lovely time. That birthday cake was amaaaaaaazing!

    • Emma sure appreciated you being there most of all, you being her Auntie Sorcha! She has not left her squeaky raccoon alone since getting it, and has made all the other toys rather unpopular now. 🙂 Thank you! xx

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