Country Socks


Here we have the “Country Socks” variation of my Wild Wool Trail Socks , and  in the favorite color for whom they were made.


After working the heel & heel turn in the heel stitch pattern option for the Country Socks, I felt good and creative, and decided to experiment by continuing  down bottom of foot, noticing what a sturdy hugging ribbing affect it has…


However this proved problematic, as the heel stitch pulls in the width, it also does the length, (duh!) so I had to do some ” stealth short rows” for the bottom to catch up to the top section.  I only recommend heel stitch over the whole circumference of foot section, not just the bottom.


Very pleased with this construction feature, and I am going to try my next Trail Sock with the whole foot section in heel stitch.


These by the way, were knit in Malabrigo Sock yarn (African Violet) with contrast of some left over dark grey Huntington Sock yarn I had handy. Details for this project can be found on Ravelry HERE

6 thoughts on “Country Socks

  1. You are so admirably crafty. Compared to you, I wonder what I’m really doing with these needles. I wish you would host a knitting retreat. I think Emma would enjoy that, too. Daydreams.

      • Winkin’, blinkin’- nod, nod, nod. (Can you hear the marbles rattling in my noggin?) Put the kettle on, I’ll check the the wagon trains.

  2. I think you have a good idea with the heel stitch on the foot, making it both rugged and interesting looking. Great colors, dark purple and dark grey make a surprise good match.

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