College Bound!


I swiped this photo of  Miss Eighteen from her mom’s facebook page.   It was taken in her garden, right before graduating highschool on June 1st.  I’m so proud of her !!!   And I know all of you are too, especially those of you who have been following my nieces on my blog since  she was ten.  Soon to fly the nest, our Miss Eighteen is ready for the world,  she’s college bound,  and she’s going to rock!

9 thoughts on “College Bound!

    • Hi Wen. She’ll be going out to the coastal region of Northern California, in a very very beautiful place, about a 4 hr drive away. And I am rather envious of her! 🙂

    • No question in my mind, she is bound for success. She is hardworking and modest, and ahead of her time. Thanks for peeking in. xx

  1. Oh wow! So pretty and elegant! Girl, garden and sunshine! We do not know these robes here (just from the high school movies – lol) , but it’s looking so festive and dignified! Congratulations 🎉 and all the best for a sunny lucky future!

  2. Petra, I am proud of her mostly because of the values she has formed, her grace and good manners, and how willing & able she is to fly the nest. xx

    • you are so right! These are the essential skills!
      A friendly personality, with all the love and curiosity for life!

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