Frantic artful ‘good mood’ music because things are shifting into action!   Meaning that we have been issued our building permit finally,  after a grueling long wait, and house rebuilding can start at last!     The Autumnal Equinox is Saturday, and I am going to celebrate!

This music reminds me what I have been missing,  a familiar manic wave now only whispering,  approaching me without touching, as if to assure me of its return, and that all will be in a far better place very soon.

Oh, and this trio just hits the spot doesn’t it!  Be sure to listen to Trio Brasileiro videos as they queu up,  because these tunes are deservedly among my favorites and might become yours too!

13 thoughts on “Equinox

    • Wen, I feel like I am splashing to the surface, taking the first breath since the wildfire ( nearly a year ago) !~ xx
      ps. Glad you like my little Trio Braziliero

  1. Wonderful! Gorgeous! Must be happily celebrated!
    Hugs and love, sending quickly by the stormy autumnish weather we have here today, kisses Petra

    • Mein Petra! I can’t express how this shifting inwardly feels, like I have been let out of a cardboard box to the light of day, after being closed up for a very long time. I am happy today, a thing I haven’t been able to say for many months. Life is good! xx

  2. Congrats, Jen! So happy for You and Jeff that the wait is finally over. Starting is half done. The music is so right for getting energy: Grisman frenetic. Sending smiles, Ben

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