2 thoughts on “Wool’s a Natural

  1. Such an informatic and nice little film out of the archives (from 1977?) ….but: little Orson in his woolen sweater is the best! unbelievable, how to discover the grand Orson in this boy!

    • I really had to look into the Orson Wells vs Welles, for there are two, and believe it or not, there was the Wells family in Massechussetts who owned a textile business, so I went off on a wild goose chase trying to figure it out (especially since the person who uploaded the film on to Youtube spelled it “Orson Wells” , which there is one, not until I had watched it a second time did I see in the credits ” narrated by Orson Welles” , then I was no longer confused. I think it was a great little film too, and I kind of wish I was a weaver and had my own little mill in my house like the colonials. xx

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