Out into Autumn

jenjoycedesign© October 21,2018 Out walking I see the Mayacamas mountains rolling southerly down into their foothills.

I am enjoying Autumn now that the leaves are beginning to cover

the blackened forest floor from last year


This sparse ground cover is only the beginning of the leaf fall,

they will continue to flutter down until winter is here.

jenjoycedesign© October 21,2018 (2)

I woke today after having seemingly dreamed almost consciously about a new fresh start in life walking a little more every day,  away from stress of the wildfire,  restoring a positive feeling about myself  and my life, so that when the house is finally ready for us to move into it,  I will be rebuilt too.   Its been a rough year for me, hands down, and I have existed in a self spun cocoon trying to not think about the stressful things,  but I really do believe committing to walking increased distances will cure all that is wrong in my world.  Just one walk at a time.

17 thoughts on “Out into Autumn

    • Oh Wen, it is looking better each month, all that is still alive! I am really going to join you in Many Walks A Day, and I too wish you could join me ~~ xx

    • Sarah, if I stay in the lower areas, and don’t go up the ridge too far, its almost as though I begin to not see the blackened tree trunks, living or not. So true, there are areas, especially around the vineyards, which didn’t burn at all, and those places I need to see more of. xx

  1. Hey, Jen, walking is the bomb. Easy to do even when we’re underpowered. Believe me, the older one gets, the more we appreciate doing something as simple as walking. And without pain. Keep smiling! 🙂 So glad your new home is going up up up!

    • Ben, thank you very much for your cheerleading. I know you walk several times a day when possible, do you ever push yourself to go further, or do you keep things reasonable?

      • Jen, my fav now is to get up early when it’s still dark and jog for a half hour. It’s a wild free feeling with most everyone still sleeping amid misty fogs.

        I also walk 2x daily for 50-60 minutes. On special occasions Pt Reyes is an all dayer walk, and of course Annadel or Sugar Loaf are long ones too. I’m still lifting weights too but not so heavy. I’ve been walking for so long, my legs can probably do it w/o the rest of me noticing lol

        So what’s reasonable? Emerson said, “Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” I can’t seem to accomplish anything in life without putting in consistent effort. For others, the joy of life is doing a little of this and a little of that. Whatever works, whatever brings you joy and feelings of success.

  2. Hi Jen, So glad life is returning to normal for you and that the new house is under construction. Such a beautiful place probably the most beautiful view in Napa.

    • Thank you Sorcha, I think walking with my camera is the key to sharing the wild with everybody. A few photos and philosophical musings seem to scratch an itch for me, and brighten up my mood. Back to my decaf coffee ~~ xx

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