yokes 3

jenjoycedesign© yokes 3

I am in the middle of the seventh yoke, seven yokes of varying sizes, although one is not in the stack.   Pardon me for the blip the other day, I posted, then shortly after doing so I took out the post because frankly, I did not like the colorway of the prototype. Quickly I changed my mind, so fickle, and then on to a new colorway … for a new and hopefully final prototype official.  I had a dream this morning early before waking that I was unraveling all the yokes I’ve knit, and re-knitting them into bags to felt, as the colors changed in the yoke, so would the colors in the bag, all tied together ends as they happen, and yarns held two at a time. When I woke I thought what an interesting rework it will make when the pattern is done and there is a pile of yokes left to deal with.  Determined to see this design through, and not post too much unrelated material during the process, although I absolutely would love knitting a simple plain sock, I’ll keep this short and wave to All with assurance that knitting is happening here at a frantic pace, however generally slow and melted time feels during Pandemic Days, and that life continues to be good !

5 thoughts on “yokes 3

  1. I saw the previous post on FB and really did like the colors used for the photo. The narrative was very good as well. You write beautifully! I look forward to the finished sweaters and was wondering what yarn weight will be used. Knit on my friend. Breath…

    • Virginia, thank you, and you’re such a lovely lady to be asking after the yarn to be used. I don’t want to say too much, as it will allll come together and make sense , but using a yarn that is worsted weight (I’m using Knit Picks Wool of The Andes) and there are no more than 5 sts floated in the colorwork; main color, for sleeves & body, and if the knitter wants a secondary main color for the yoke, that will be about 100g, and one or two other colors for the motif. I will have a couple of colorway samples , one using the main color of the body as one in the motif, and well… I’m going on about it already aren’t I ? As always, there will be a gauge substitution chart from sport weight to bulky.
      I am breathing, I promise! Napping lots too, glorious restorative, scary quiet naps where I only hear the birds and the clock.
      I sure hope all is well in your part of the world and all of your family are healthy and insulated from the stress. ~ xx

  2. Great news that life is good.
    Your dream felted bag knitting technique would be a good way to repurpose old/unwanted pure wool jumpers… those op-shop finds where the wool is really good but the pattern or the knitting isn’t quite what you want.
    Good on you for sticking to the long-game.
    It is hard. You will one day soon pop out the other end to find us all here, cheering for you and waiting to hear all the lovely other things that have been going on underneath this major task.
    Coming up for air myself!
    The work looks fabulous.
    Much love

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