Sol Inca: The Pattern

jenjoycedesign© Sol Inca folded -
It finally came.  The moment that happens when months of work completes after the last task.   Then one is merely finished!
jenjoycedesign© Sol Inca trio 2
In previous post   Sol Inca: The Inspiration  Rosanna models two cardigans, the size 3 and size 4, and even pours herself into the size 2 pullover. What I’m thinking is, there are 8 more sizes still yet to be knit, but I am too worn out. Was I really intending to knit them all?   I will leave it up to all of the knitters of the world who pass through to get them knit.

jenjoycedesign© Sol Inca detail 1

Sol Inca is a top-down knitted cardigan with an option to convert to a pullover!  I call it an After-thought Pullover.  So much energy, knitting, ripping out, and all the cleverness I could manage, went into the convertibility of Sol Inca,  and I must admit that I am quite pleased about it. However, presently I am having a bit of withdrawal in my brain for it really was a hard struggle involving lots of thinking!  Now I’ve got a mess of yarn bits, stitch markers, needles to put away in their drawers, and go for a walk, if I can manage without collapse.   I will close all of the recent series of posts, with a simple favor to ask , and that is to please go see the pattern live on Ravelry, with all the technical information ~~~ HERE.

jenjoycedesign© Sol Inca 11

Thank you, and I’ll see you on the flip-side! xx

10 thoughts on “Sol Inca: The Pattern

    • Thank you Wen, again. I realize that making two posts really works those of you who are always so supportive of my posts, but I really did want Rosanna’s post to stand alone. The rest is just routine. 🙂 xx

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