Summer is upon us! Nothing is as awe inspiring to me in my life than the play of light & shadow among the posts and beams, and I do love to capture it especially as the season changes, for the light reflection and shadows cast move throughout the day, and throughout the year. I love to be home, to get things done. But! As for getting things done, I am a bit overwhelmed presently with things-going-on that have nothing to do with knitting, so at the same time my life feels chaotic, the slow progress with knitterly things marks a pause in life for now. Well, that’s a good thing maybe. Moving across the day with the shadows on the longest day of the year goes seemingly the slowest. Happy solstice everyone! xx

9 thoughts on “solstice

    • Yes, knitting mindless rows now with no end particularly in sight feels good. I am trying to sit up straight and face the hot dry season, and I know its a lot to bear, for both of us. xx

      • Too true. I find myself clenching my jaw far too often these days. I keep envisioning something breaking loose in the skies and a whole series of showers trooping through. Wouldn’t that be nice.

  1. How good can a break be?
    Our ambitions and good intentions can lead us into the loveless land of stress and tedium.
    I am just back from the Ghost-Town. First time in 2 years. Big clean up required.
    And then, she will be on the market.
    Take care. Keep breathing.

    • Hello Karin! Oh, you’ve been Ghosted ~~ and I do hope that it wasn’t too heart-wrenching this time. But I bet it was. How did your trip with the gals go? Hey, and Happy Wintertime… yay… its winter time ! xx

      • I have indeed been Ghosted. Covid delayed my return to nearly 2 years. In that time 2 springs, 2 summers, 2 duststorms and a rodent plague.
        Oh my!
        I arrived in snow and ice, a depleted woodpile, no power, a sulking generator and an overwhelming feeling that I did not recognise the woman who’d lived here.
        The trip with the gals went ahead without me as I developed bronchitis.
        All good though.
        Ready to sell and get out. Yay!!!!!!

        • Karin, I’m hearing you… don’t necessarily want to be that woman again, I can so relate! Who the hell were we, who are we now, who will we become? Dig in your heels girl and throw your head back, you’re doing perfectly, just as you are! :claps wildly:

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