Summer fun!

Juno’s got herself a kiddie pool, so its fun in the sun and endless splashing and making whirlpools until she is tuckered out, fingers crossed. Today is an anniversary, two months ago we brought her home (where does the time go?) and just last weekend she turned four months old!

8 thoughts on “Summer fun!

    • You have no idea… that is mostly what Juno does, runs around things, around chairs, around the table-and-chairs, around the big room at lightening speed, around people standing (especially when there is a leash involved, she wrangles ’em) , around in tiny circles chasing her tail… and yes, around the kiddie pool. lol…. she’s a shepherd alright. I was thinking of some floating toys, like a big rubber duckie!

  1. She’s a real beauty. I love watching them have fun. I put Cuily in the shower earlier to cool him off. He was roasting hot. It was a scorcher here today. He dried himself off all over my bed. 😂

    • Kelly, how hot is it there in Dunoon? I hope you and Cuily are snug as a bug in a rug , or at least the shower. Be well, be happy ~~ x !

    • Virginia, her energy makes me dizzy! Soon she will mellow, I’m sure. Jeff has enrolled her in a dog class, and we’ll all go together, I’m really happy he did that, because she’s at the critical last stretch of socializing needing to be done. I hope you are well, and happy! xx

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