The month is Socktober as many of we knitters know it, a time where big projects get put aside and sock knitting gets the focus, and so I too am running with the herd this year! Nothing very sentimental, poetic, metaphorical, or research-laden here, just another pair of whimsical socks rattling with a dull roar through the rounds, and with a wonderfully Autumnal colorway “copper”. I am working the chart A of Walking With Emma socks, with a mini one-over-one squiggly cable, further exploring the alternating cable crossing. Hmm, maybe though I have reached a limit, finding that perhaps 1/1 crossing is a bit too wee to even notice, but fun and playful if one happens to . . .

Oh! And I managed to finish a pair, finally the second sock to the original first sock posted last July! As I write this, these socks are in the post, in a birthday parcel to my youngest niece at university, she’s going to really love them I hope !

Pattern: Walking With Emma, with chart D rib.

Yarn: Berocco Ultra Wool Fine, in Ocean.

Project details on Ravelry here.

5 thoughts on “Socktober

  1. I love the squiggly cable and the copper color. It makes me think of trudging through lovely Autumn leaves in cold & dewy morning, wearing a favorite pair of leather lace-up boots over those plush warm socks… looking forward to that!

    • Oh, that’s a GOOD visualization, I’m looking forward to it too! Did you feel the drop in temperature, about an hour or so ago? I was just writing this post, windows all open, and suddenly its like the AC came on , a chilling breeze blew through the house! LOVE THAT! xx

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