Artifacts from the wild.

jenjoycedesign© arrow head 6

Hey, I just found another authentic Native American arrowhead !   About two hours ago I was just setting out for a little stroll and  I found this on the side of the road, right beside our tiny house. Last Autumn there was some road work which moved the earth a bit, and this was right next to a fir tree, which are known to unearth such things in their growth habit of pushing up the soil.  It is not complete, only a little over an inch, with the tip and shaft broken off, as most “used” arrowheads are when found. 

This is actually the second arrowhead I have found near our house, the first which I found and posted way back in 2011  which was a spectacular specimen,  although sadly our collection was lost to the wildfire. I must say, very close to our house, Jeff and I have found three, one of which was a large 3″ spear head.  There is no doubt to me that the lives of those indigenous people are superimposed in the present, just a blink away in time, as I often feel an ancient past around me, a sort of innate sensitivity to the wild I suppose.

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Arrowhead !

Just started on our walk , not far from the house…




even closer …


This is an authentic Native American artifact,

indigenous to this mountain region of  Napa Valley …


Actually I went back to house to get the camera, then backtracked to same spot where I found the arrowhead, to ‘re-enact’ the finding. I then photographed and counted how many steps from house. The arrowhead was found exactly 140 steps from my door, although a bit more embedded in the dried mud.


I took it home and washed it and then photographed.
This is the arrowhead archived now, found in the wheel track of the road.