Amish Style Quilting

I have a love of sewing, and have sewn since I was a kid, but have a deep admiration for quilts, particularly that of Amish quilts. I have a vision of Amish style quilted things all about my home.  I share my home with a fellow who was born in Pennsylvania, and who is third generation descendant from an Amish family (his mother’s maiden name is Yoder), I admit, I started in order to please his tastes, but found they are indeed my own !

Here is an Amish style wedding gift I made for some friends who are from Pennsylvania ~ Home grown & home made strawberry jam, and a set of hand quilted pot holders , mini little Amish quilts (to me symbolic of  a real wedding quilt) ~

I personally like the efficiency of piecing with my mother’s old Ulna sewing machine, the seams which don’t show, and then finishing with hand-quilting.

Until I am able to photograph my bed quilt in progress, and other various and sundry quilted projects about the house,  all there is to date is this little pillow set to cover an antique Nebraska buggy seat.  Not really excited about the green squares, should have used all black, (but nobody got hurt by using the green)… and it makes a nifty little chair to sit on.

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