Mountain Knitting

Making really good progress with the ‘his & hers’ tweed pullovers.

 I am calling them  ” Michigan Winter “.

How could I already be nearly finished with the main body of two full-sized sweaters in one week?  I’ll tell you how, because Emma and I have been doing a lot of  walking this week, being sure to get in at least one walk a day, short or long, and well, I’ve taken my knitting along each time, and I tell you folks,  it adds up !

 Just as I’m plowing through these young homesteaders’ pullovers,  I myself am getting fit as a farmer, and Emma is delighted about all these hikes too, as we go slower, further, longer, and linger at delicious smells in the forest duff.

Autumn in Northern California brings the leaves falling late,

but the Madrones are always first to drop theirs, beginning in July !

I love the terra cotta tones of the leaves as they turn on the ground, before the first rain comes.

As we meander up the ridge, my favorite once bloomed in purple wild sweet peas look so pretty,

even as dried as parchment paper.

I sometimes have to fix a dropped stitch or untangle the yarn,

and Emma waits patiently in the golden grasses.

Here  we are up into the steep section of the climb, and if it were a clear day without foggy haze in the distance,  you’d see SanFranciscoBay, and the GoldenGateBridge beyond the hills…

Emma always finds a stick to befriend…

Approaching the top of the ridge, SonomaCountyLeft and NapaCountyRight….

Finally at the precipice of the peak, overlooking the valley below.

If you could see Emma’s right ear,  it is about touching where we came from. . .

. . . and now it’s time to go back home Emma.  We’ll come again soon… probably tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Mountain Knitting

  1. Just awesome! Love all the pictures and the story of where you’re walking. I’m so inspired. The leaves are amazing! I wish I could fly like the regal ravens. I’d be in your trees in no time flat!

    • Morrie, we ought to meet at the VFD station on TrinityRoad sometime, and go for a Knit & Walk on CavedaleRoad road? I think that place would be absolutely perfect!

  2. I’m originally from Michigan! I have lived there all of 40 years! I’d say the colors you chose for Michigan Winter are appropriate, catch the colors of the light as it fades on a winter afternoon. Those two colors are really pretty. I enjoyed the walk with Emma, and the photographs, and would love to fly high and see all that you saw. Its time to go for a walk with Oreo! Nice, perfect morning with coffee, post to read.

    • Thanks Martha, that’s right you lived in MI. So did the mother of my nieces, until she came to California, where she met my bro. The sweaters are for Jeff’s daughter and her husband, who each chose ‘rusty’ and ‘seafoamy’ so I got lucky !!! Yes, go out with Oreo and enjoy the lovely Autumn. (Emma says ‘woof’ to Oreo). 🙂

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