Out walking, and a new tune.

Yesterday’s knitting walk was lovely. I followed Emma down in the meadow above the canyon (coyote-ville), and to our surprise, Emma spotted something very curious flapping in the breeze ahead.

Closer and closer,  curiouser and curiouser !

Ah ha ! There has been someone who has been adorning the mountain with Tibetan Prayer Flags around here lately.   The Masked Flagger has struck again !  They are admittedly quite a spectacle of artistic beauty,  even bleached by the sun and wind-whipped to shreds.

♣      ♣      ♣

Now for a tune we just wrote, (first recording and very very rough, but the spirit is there!)  A tune just so cheerful and hopeful sounding , and the prayer flags seemed so much  to promise a real change and happy days ahead.   Believe me when I tell you that everything is going to be Just Fine!

6 thoughts on “Out walking, and a new tune.

    • Thank you Martha ! It’s just a basic EZ style yoked sweater… you’ll see. I’m making hash of the button band & steek edges way too bulky for my liking. But oh well….

  1. Those colors warm my heart. I must see this one in person. Are you mitering the button bands at the corners? Prayer flags are so spiritual a find on a fall walk.

    • Oh Lizzi, I sure wish you were walking & knitting with me 🙂 So, I’m doing ‘surgery’ so to speak, with an iron , moist rags, and drawing out the stranded yoke more, basically pushing and shoving (gently) and going to maker fit as I want her to fit. I love the vintage wooden buttons I bought last winter for it…. going to be posting them soon !

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