Finishing . . .

I’ve been knitting again on this cardigan started last year, which went into hibernation due to other projects that came up, and quite frankly, was forgotten.  Now near completion, I am in a total state of agitation, as I have had to knit the left, then the right button bands over, then bind off again & again. Soon it will be finished, and I can show you, after I get it all blocked a second time and buttons sewn on of course,  some vintage buttons I bought from Knitterly in Petaluma last February, especially for this sweater …

They are wood, not sure what kind, but one thing is for sure, they are lacquered well. They were in the vintage odd bits bin, wired together and rather spendy. Twelve bux for twelve (and I will use nine), but you know, they were the only buttons of the seemingly thousands at Knitterly, which seemed to enhance the colors in the yoke. I’m so predictable to choose the natural materials when making things.  What do you think? Shall I sew ’em on???

I’m performing cosmetic ‘surgury’  with a steam iron, on this badly fitting sweater.  I’m doing things with moist rags I probably ought’nt, but I’m hopeful I can gently coax and block the fit into the right proportions for my shape.  The couture of knitting, I’m finding is more and more important , as each project seems to have it’s own couturesque challenges. This one, as we know, has a whole nest of them !

12 thoughts on “Finishing . . .

  1. Oh, but I’m sure that all of the very best knitters have such unfitting items in their hope chests. Things hoping to find someone it fits. EZ suppposedly said something of the sort that if it doesn’t fit you that it will surely fit someone 🙂

    • Morrie, and EZ is right. However, I rather like the filled-to-bursting cedar chest of sweaters I’ve knit, just like photos in a photo album, when I open the chest, and have all these sweaters, even if only worn once or twice. Or indeed the giddy moment will happen when I’m showing someone the sweaters, and they love one of them and I can say ” Well have it ! ” . That would be nice . But for now, I’m just happily trying to fill out my chest…lol… so to speak.

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