A (mitt) Fiesta !

As the credits say at the end of this movie video ~ thank you ~ everybody for your test-knitting contributions, I couldn’t have done it without you ! Your mitts are just all so lovely. And now for a photo gallery !


17 thoughts on “A (mitt) Fiesta !

    • Oh Carol… you’re just the star of the show… with six pairs !

      Take a bow Carol… take a bow !

      :: claps wildly::
      Thank You !!! xx

  1. I need to make three more pairs for my church ladies. Mikala likes leopard so I thought black with a gold ribbon yarn, Paris likes purple so I need to think what to go with that and I don’t know about Cassandra. White with a self striping yarn in pastels?
    Cassandra has very small hands I wonder how many stitches fewer to cast on?
    Such fun decisions!!!!

    • Whoa there Carol… 3 more pair? 🙂 I think this pattern does well with smaller yarn. Instead of 6.5 stitches to the inch gauge, with what I suggested as DK yarn , why not try sport yarn this time? I felt KnitPicks Swish in DK was a winner yarn for the prototypes.. seems the Superwash is stretchier and knits different, did you find that to be so with the ‘tutu’ mitts? Honestly, if you want to experiment with fewer stitches do that, but I’d first start with finer gauge yarn and smaller needles and see if you can get 7,5 or 8 stitches to the inch and try that ? Thanks a bunch !

      • I got 6.75 and 7 spi on #2 DPN’s with the sport weight yarn I was using for the blue and fawn pin stripes. (Yes, I knit them at 2 different gauges because that’s just how I am if I don’t do alternate between two at a time. 🙂 ) Do you recall the gauge you got on the little Mini’s, Jen?

        • No, and I kick myself repeatedly for not measuring !!!! 🙂
          I somehow think my superwash knitpicks swish on #3’s just behaved so uniquely to get that 6.5 sts to 1 inch. How about suggesting fine sport (knowing now that there are a few weights of sport)..???? Carol, worry not, Morrie is the Sherlock Holmes of Fiber & Yarn , she’ll figure out this one for us 🙂

  2. Love this! The music is so great. Had me jumping around and dancing in my head. I can just see us all with our fingerless mitts, long skirts and chullo hats dancing to Jen’s music :). Good job, GF!

    • Aw Thanks Morrie hen ! Yeah, the tune is one of John’s & mine, and I thought it a perfect fit 🙂 Very dance-invoking indeed. Hey, is the kettle on at your house this week? 🙂

  3. FANTASTIC! I need to make another pair too…for a friend’s birthday. Can’t wait. Thank you for the honour of allowing me to be amongst such a great bunch of knitters. Love to you. xo

    • Debbie, I’m the one who’s honored to have you knit it up. It was so fun chatting you through it. I hope to have more designs you’ll want to test-knit for us. 🙂 Thank you a million. xxxLove back to you.xxx

  4. I’ve arrived at the party late! Or the fiesta as luck would have it! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern with us! The girls are still wearing them as it’s still quite cool here in southwestern Ontario! 🙂

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