April Walking

Emma and I have been doing some spectacular knitting-walking amongst the wildflowers recently. It’s been a bit windy lately . . .

but thoroughly lovely this April  !

Thought you might like to take a walk with us . . .

(click first image to go to slideshow)

28 thoughts on “April Walking

    • Well, come tag along everyday ! We’ll walk the back meado, then we stop at the cliffs for tea and knit some more ! (that rocky outcropping , is the precipice over a lovely canyon. (thats where Emma chased a coyote once).

    • I’d take the snow !!! I so miss it ! Predictably sunny weather can be so boring sometimes. I wish we could just have a snow storm, like everyone else ! 🙂

    • Thanks Kieran, but you must be properly educated then. The photos make it look so nice, but every walk I must face the elements : Winter & spring is tick season and I must pick off ticks crawling on us , (no kidding, *every time* I’m finding at least 5 on Emma and one on myself, looking for a place to sink in, and while they just nip me trying to, that little bite swells up and itches like crazy (like a spider bite) Emma gets tick stuff, but they still sink in to her . Summer and Autumn is sticker season, and I must spend time picking them off of my ankles, socks, and Emma’s furr. Spring, seems we have to constantly dodge skunks (I just keep Emma on a long 26′ retractible leash now, or she’ll get sprayed for sure, like the other day!) Also Spring through Autumn must watch out or we’ll rub up against poison oak & get an itchy rash. OH, and the mosquitos are out now… they’ll be pestering us until July!
      Do you still want to come live here? 🙂 I haven’t even mentioned the mountain lion yet. Still, it’s all worth it in my humble opinion 🙂

      • Oh my, that’s pretty tick-y! I had a little Lymes disease scare a few years ago, so I try to avoid those critters at all cost! As for the mountain lion, I try to avoid those too! There have been sightings of them here, just outside of the city.
        Still, your place is so pretty, green, and probably a lot warmer than here! I think I’m just a wee bit envious because it is still so cold and gloomy here. Ugh.

    • This time of year Lizzi, the colors are remarkable. In one short month however, everything will be dried up…grass turning golden, and the wildflowers turning to burrs… you get the idea. This is the time of year for photos !

    • Well hello Felicity, it’s wonderful to have you visiting and walking with us ! I’ll put the kettle on and bake a cake for the occasion ! 🙂

  1. Hi Jen! Thank you for reading my blog & for leaving a comment! Your photos are beautiful! And they are even more enjoyable after reading about how you braved the perils of nature to take them! 🙂

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