Socks and a new tune.

I’m not a fast knitter.  I’m a plodder really, though I get the job done in good time.  ” Slow and steady wins the race ” I always say.    I am going to be travelling to Vancouver BC this coming week, for some days, the event being a 90th birthday party held in honor of my father-in-law, and I want something to knit while I’m there, something mindless, like rib or stocking stitch of something. Something that will keep me calm among the numbers of folk for the time I will be there,  something very portable, and lastly, something that can be finished there.  So there’s always socks! Everybody wears socks, right?  Socks are the gift to beat all gifts, and I am determined to make him a pair. One problem,  I only know top down sock knitting  (have only knit three pairs)  and this is going to be difficult.  I must have the tricky business of the heel flap & turn, and gusset decreases, and toe decreases, and intolerable Kitchener stitch out of the way.  How can I make this work? After some thought, I’ve come to a conclusion !!!  Inside-out sock knitting, my answer to a very complex quandary.  Here I am,  on Monday, just into the gusset decreases. I’m confident that by my departure on Thursday morning, I will be through with the whole foot, and when I am a midst the crowd , I can take out my ‘very important knitting ‘ and just smile and knit a simple rib while I stay engaged with the company of others, until it’s time to top it off with a big red stripe !  I am prepared for this trip with the perfect plan.   Here are the socks in progress …

inside-out , two-at-a-time, sock knitting

Well, it’s a beautiful morning up here on the mountain, the birds in full chorus, the sun high in blue sky already, but with a cool breeze, and I’m off for a good knit-walk to rattle off some rows on these socks !

♦  ♦  ♦
Meanwhile, I’ve got a new John and I just recorded . . .

Recording at John’s is always a gamble of the natural forces of total chaos at work. If it’s not the phone and fridge, that we *finally* learned to turn off before we start recording, it’s the other things which happen ; the planes which fly overhead, the well pump which runs intermittently, garbage trucks, the chainsaws, the neighbors’ barking dogs, and not to forget to mention the chaos which is Badger , the Jack Russel terrier , who’s shaking and jumping on things and woofing has put the stop on things from time to time. Oh, then there’s mic cables which seem to suddenly not work, (right, a whole recording without the sound of guitar). Way too often John’s hand goes numb on him, totally unasked for. Get this, today there was a momentary power-out mid recording , and when it came back on, a chain reaction of blips and beeps of all electronics restarting in the universe. Well, suffice to say, this morning’s recording of this brand new tune was quite the accomplishment ! We decided to call the tune which seemed ‘a little ragtimey’ and ‘a little gypsy’, “Ragtime Gypsy” ! Enjoy the wee baby of a tune, not 3 days old !

11 thoughts on “Socks and a new tune.

  1. I knew you would !!! 🙂 AND , I can pre-block the foot before I put on the needles to work up to the top , as well as ask the giftee, just how long he’d like ’em 🙂

    • Smart Girl! You can out think me any day of the week. What a fun idea. I love the colors you’ve chosen and I will put this on the list of things I want to try. I am thinking of how spectacular it would look with self striping yarn that changes direction at the ankle. That would be cool and puzzle a few people. I must try this one.

      • Hi Carol hen ! So you know, Morrie and I were talkin’ the other day about how you could also ‘cut’ off and rework a cuff too, by picking up the right legs of a round of stitches on to a needle, then cutting out the rest. You ought to do your own Inside Out sock then! 🙂 I’ll be looking for it on Ravelry ! (when I get back , lol) .

  2. Oh you’ve been there ! Last time I was on a plane, was coincidentally the same dates 8 years ago, to visit in Vancouver (where my sister-in-law lives) Now Lizzi, I think I edited the text to explain after you read and commented, so basically what I’m doing is : provisional cast-on just above the heel flap, work the foot sections, then pick up live stitches from provisional cast-on later, and knit up.

    I discovered with “Molly’s Montreal” how picking up live stitches from a POC and continueing in the opposite direction seems to not make any difference in the stitches ! So of course, I’m in absolute L. O. V. E. with provisional cast-on now, and you can bet I’ll be doing it every chance I get ! See, the Molly’s Montreal tee taught me a big lesson 🙂

  3. Hello Myriam ~ I am just back (no blogging while away) and can say happily that Yes, I did finish them ! So you did the same inside-out technique … good to know !!! Thank you !

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