Socks For Dale


It was a race to the end . . .

A couple of days before we were to travel to Vancouver in the honor of Dale’s ninetieth birthday , I decided I wanted to knit him a pair of socks.

jenjoycedesign©socks-peggy (1)

But I did it, I finished them, with only one minute to spare !

I had a half hour after the last cast-off stitch , to weave in all ends, steam-block in a hurry (in front of Dale, who watched in amazement how they transformed from a lumpy bumpy wad into a lovely flat pair of socks) , and then photograph.

Here they are with the adorable mascot Peggy.

jenjoycedesign©socks-peggy (2)

In my opinion, it was a bit of entertainment for all to see me knitting at every spare moment, while walking, dining out, while sat at the table in conversation . . . you name it, and then like a magic trick, while the second hand was ticking, they were finished and given to Dale with a hug (before having to rush off to a dance performance).

 He seemed very happy indeed !


Apologies Dale, for the hurried & back-lit photo xx

**  **  **

Notes: If you look back on  this post  before I left to Vancouver, you’ll see that I was experimenting with a provisional cast-on just above the heel, which I knit down to the toe, and then after which I picked up the live stitches and knit upwards for the leg. Inside-out works quite well and I’d say undetectable if one is knitting stockinette stitch , but in this case with the 2×2 ribbing, the direction change was noticeable.  Hardly a reason to have done it differently, but just saying. It seems as I originally suspected (but which isn’t noticeable in a patternless fabric as stocking stitch, the ‘join’ so to speak, is off-set by a half-stitch it appears.  But this is not at all a problem, and ‘inside-out’ knitting is a technique I am going to explore more in the future !

* *   * *   * *

Details on Ravelry HERE

9 thoughts on “Socks For Dale

  1. I LOVE these. They are a true classic, but so precious when hand knit. They’re just like the classic wool mens sock that men would wear with their heavy duty work boots. My Dad wore them with his tree climbing boots. I wish I had been able to knit him some. Dale is going to REALLY appreciate those.

  2. Now then, that looks like a man who wears ‘real’ socks. I am sure he is thrilled with them and my goodness, at ninety years old he looks amazing!

    Good for you, Jen. A real success story.

    • Hi Lizzi ! I was just about to answer your email… got back from town (shopping for some groceries… and how lucky am I to see word from you here ! I’ll catch up as soon , very soon. xx

    • Hi hen… yah, I’d say Peggy is the twin of Cuilean ! 🙂 I am so tired, and have lots to catch up on, but I am going to soon lurk in your blog… so ya might consider posting 🙂 xxx

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