What Have We Here?


Looks a little like something the cat brought in.

It is the toorie . . . a decorative ball of fluff . . . a bobble.

It is to be tied to the imminent bonnet.

It has been in a bath, felted up a little, shook off, and will get one more trim.

Imminent Bonnet is back-stage (blocking & reblocking) soon to make it’s debut appearance!

So hold to your seats !

11 thoughts on “What Have We Here?

  1. Shortbread? REAL shortbread? I have heard of it for years and eaten some from grocery stores but I think the real deal must be wonderful.

  2. Ok – can we clarify? Is this post about the toorie on the bunnet or the shortbread? Come on, girls – we know the hat will be fantastic but how can Jen waft shortbread under our noses and tease us like this. Tell you what, I will put the kettle on – come over to my place and we will munch and discuss toories.

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