Wild Boot Socks

jenjoycedesign©wild-boot-socks5 (2)

Here’s some wild-caught boot socks  (not the farmed variety. )

Edit In 10/15 :  Now, the day after, I can tell the world these were made for my  ten-year-old niece who just turned eleven yesterday !  I stuffed them with retro candy and she loved ’em!


I’ve been sketching with some DK yarn bits in my stash drawer. Total improvisation of color stranded motifs. Like fly-fishing for wild trout, one listens closely to their instincts .


Just a wild pair of boot socks, playing with color and also functional design. I talk about this process way back in this post  

These would pair well with hiking boots or big ol’ clogs.


*  *  *

Wild Boot Socks details on Ravelry HERE

Upcoming: I’m working on the last of the size-run test-knitting and then pattern for PrettyLittleThings socks should be making an appearance! I got sidetracked with some other knitting projects, but now there’s nothing standing between me and the pattern. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Wild Boot Socks

  1. These are darling! I feel so lazy that I haven’t made some of these for myself out of my “collection of left overs,” I’ll put this on the gotta do it list!

    • Thanks ! Those boots are not for what the socks are designed (more for hiking boots).. however, just thought I’d say the shoes are ‘ Sax Fifth Avenue ‘ , got at Goodwill for 4bux… one of my better finds. 🙂

  2. I LOVE those socks. Wild and crazy, fun and whimsical. I think they are perfect for boots, any kind. Those are just darling, and I’d love to see the pattern!

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