After The Rain


It has rained for four days unending.

(A few glimpses from the knitting trail.)

I’m overjoyed because finally the moss on the mountain has drunk it’s fill.


Emma and I went out and soaked ourselves taking account of it all.

Now green can sprout from under last year’s brown . . .


Beautiful morning after rain . . .

The creeks are gushing and riverlets going in all directions.

Life is good.

16 thoughts on “After The Rain

  1. Hi! I love how creatively expressive you are. I sure enjoyed looking at the photographs and seeing the changes through your eyes. What a gorgeous vista you have there!

    • Hi Anna, nice to meet you and thank you . I live up above the fog in the valley, and quite frequently that swirling lifting fog is the morning greeting from my walk or window. However beautiful, sometimes I just want to be *in* the cool moist fog.

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