Morning On The Knitting Trail


Emma and I took off for a walk along the old road, and then on the knitting trail to visit the woods with the green moss which is now absolutely glowing from all the rain.

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I have to say, of the many oddities one can find in the woods, this was the most ! I intend to include it in a knitwear photo someday.
Well, it’s back to my knitting loft, with a new design adventure and happy pots of tea, for the sky is greying and rain drops are already plopping down on the roof again.  Happiness is rain.  Lots and lots of rain.

((And tea with home-made shortbread.))


10 thoughts on “Morning On The Knitting Trail

  1. Well, that was a lovely wee walk with Emma. Thank you.

    Now, Jen. I would have that chair home and stripped and repainted or waxed. I am sure Jeff could make a new seat – and then you can cover it with a lovely cushion. I can see it in my mind’s eye already.

    You can’t leave it there. It’s got your name on it!

    • Simone, thank you for saying so. I always worry that too many knitting trail photos might bore people (always following Emma… lol) … so I will continue to include the nature as much as I can. I love to see the nature where you live as well !!! Snow knitting ! 😉 xx

    • Hi Morrie…I know, our camera captured that glowing green so well ! THe forest was a bit dark, but the camera somehow knew what to do. I have never seen Northern Lights… I suppose you’re speaking of Shetland?

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