Shades Of Fog

March's entrance

Knitting shades of fog, and of rain clouds, the colors reflecting this morning’s landscape, into a new project with the vernal influences taking hold for my nieces’ Spring Sweaters 2014.   Delightedly I get to report showers mixed with rain and fog brings a fresh start for March !

jenjoycedesign©drizzle -&- fog

We are on the tail end of winter friends, aren’t we?
Here on the mountain the misty clouds are speeding past us, hovering and temperamental.
In Northern California, we are finally having some much-missed moisture, and I’m just hoping for a continued rainy & foggy spring.

10 thoughts on “Shades Of Fog

  1. I love your nieces sweater, beautiful colours. The grey and cream (?) looks so soft and squishy. I can’t believe we’re into March already! I was out working at my veg garden getting it ready for seeds, it was lovely here today. Long May that continue chookie! X

    • You know… I chose shades of grey for the oldest 14yr old, as she loves grey and looks great in it! The younger 11yr old will have bold, fun & smart colors, you can bet. I have missed your notes, we’ll have to catch up, but glad you and Cuilean are happy in lovely days in the garden. 🙂 xxx

    • Oh Lizzi, I am SO excited about this upcoming design… I may not get it done in time for official spring, but sometime in spring . I wanted to borrow aspects of a few of my other designs, and I settled on the candy stripes and the lacework. Unfortunately I have to rip out 4 days knitting this morning, as it clearly is too big for the oldest niece. Gaw !!! Well to love to knit is to be okay with ripping out… right? 😉

  2. It seems such a foreign concept to be hoping for rain and fog haha! We had a couple of nice days and it’s been straight back to drizzly wind again today. Your knitting looks lovely – the combination of lace and stripes works really well!

    • Thank you so much Lily! Thank you for having a peek in my Northern California ! 😉 I am making a bit of a pastiche of my other patterns in this one… wanting to borrow aspects from my own into something new. I am however, having to rip back to the start and knit over ! One who knits must love to knit even knit-over things. 🙂 xx

    • Thank you Bonnie ! It is of course, the same favorite lace pattern I designed into Una Cosettina. 🙂 Copyright fraud !!!! ha ha 🙂

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