Snowmelt Mitts!


Snowmelt Mitts are finished after a whirlwind of ‘stress knitting’ during the last two weeks. I have got the pattern up and running too, and they are indeed Pure Sweetness, in form of half mitts, with options of longer shaped gauntlets, or full-finger’d mittens too… the whole kit.

You can also see details on Ravelry’s Snowmelt Mitts page . . .


After this whole Mitts escapade, I realized I have really missed making them. But, seriously folks, don’t you think a Snowmelt Cardigan might be a lovely adventure? Perhaps for next Spring, when the snow in the Sierra’s melts once again.

The original snowmelt photo which inspired the colorway of blues & pinks  . . .

Flowers, snow, spring, alpine, snowbell, Soldanella alpina, thaw, snowmelt, nature,

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