Tweed Chronicles: The color of sea shells…


jenjoycedesign© sea shell rolags

I am back at my fiber blending board, trying out more fiber mixing!

I am striving to achieve the colors in shells, particular the conch shells like these…

I believe it to be a color match success!

jenjoycedesign© conch shell rolags

All the colors in the shell, these rolags are wonderful colorways for a future spin.

jenjoycedesign© seashell rolags 3

The end whorls of soft downy ultrafine merino are a lovely woolly confection!

jenjoycedesign© seashell rolags 2

The white base fiber is Ultrafine Merino top, and I swear, it is almost exactly like the suri alpaca that I have, extremely soft & silky!


I like to change fiber texture in the layers, between base fiber and secondary colors, so the salmon & fushcia pinks are a different grade of Merino top, and the shimmering gold is bamboo. Okay, here’s the show!

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Main Fiber = Paradise Fibers Ultrafine Merino Top (white); layered between everything.

Secondary Fibers = Paradise Fibers Solid Merino Top; layered thinly, salmon first, then fuscia.

Accent Fiber= Paradise Fibers Bamboo Top (topaz); layered last, in scant stripes.

Two repeats of sequence.

8 thoughts on “Tweed Chronicles: The color of sea shells…

    • Hi Kelly, thank you so much, and although I didn’t make all but one small batch, I think I’ll make another and go for some mitts. Also I have been considering , do you think there’s a market on Etsy for my simple basic mitts or hats in handspun? I think of you often and send you a big hug! xx

    • Hi Wen! You won’t believe this, but I had already mixed and drafted the fibers off of the board into rolages before I found that photo of the conch shell! What a surprise to find my instincts were color accurate. 🙂
      I am beginning to wonder if I might do alright selling my hand-blended, hand-spun, and hand-knit basic Calidez mitts on Etsy… what do you think?

    • Thanks you! xx
      I think I will just spin it up and keep it around for when I decide later what to make out of it. For now I am intent on practicing the blends more than the spinning.

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