Spinning seashells…

jenjoycedesign© spinning seashells

This fiber “Optim Ultrafine Merino” is just so luxurious, and in a way, effortless to spin, yet really takes some practice.  I posted the blending recipe the other day when I made the rolags “the color of seashells”  , I remark  how the fiber base Merino Ultrafine is incredibly downy soft, and fine….

jenjoycedesign© seashell detail

But let me tell you, it is slippery and not easy to manage without breaking it a lot while spinning, that is , until you get the hang of it.   I am practicing sort of three new things at once; long draw drafting from rolags, fixed my wheel so it can go high speed, and also spinning this new gorgeous slippery fiber.

jenjoycedesign© seashell rolags 2

This woolly confection is inspiring me to put up a shop on Yarnings just to sell a few little luxury ultra-handmade things ~~~ knitted things that I’ve knit from yarn I’ve spun from art rolags I blended on my super nice blending board that I made, and in my own designs of course.  A little too much in all directions, yes, I’ll agree, but oh boy these tasty wool sausages are sweet nectar to my eyes, and deserve as much publicity as I can muster up!

jenjoycedesign© seashell rolags 3

Life is good and Autumn is near!

11 thoughts on “Spinning seashells…

    • Hello Stephanie, welcome back! ( I have missed you during your social media break) I gotta say, I started spinning rolags about when you took break in July, lol, posted all about it, and I say yes, for me they are, but for so many odd reasons difficult to describe. Its the long-draw which is transforming my spinning, and seems to me, although I use to try long-draw spinning straight from the roving, it just doesn’t work for me, so, I suggest you try the rolags! In fact, try a blending board if you don’t have one 🙂 This is more fun than I’ve had in a long time, can’t remember enjoying spinning so much! xx

      • You are so sweet. I don’t have a spinning wheel. I have a drop spindle that has been shoved away somewhere in my closet. I have some roving that probably has to be prepped, etc.

    • Oh, of course rolags are used for anything, and if you are a spindle spinner, I am certain rolags would work wonderfully. Come up to Napa some time, we’ll make you some on my blending board! 🙂

  1. What would you knit? You could take commissions. I might not do it justice (I’m not worthy), but I would love to try to tame some of your pretty, pretty cloud-yarn into an earthly fabric. Do you think it would yield…or float away?

    • I think I would start with mitts, simple fingerless mitts. We’ll see, I don’t like to talk too much about the idea yet, or else I’ll overwhelm myself, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was some goods for sale in a wee little shop? 🙂 You are totally every bit worthy of the most beautiful yarn in the world! Hey Terry, I hear another hurricane is blowing through. Put your trees, and house on tethers dear!

      • Good idea. Cloud-yarn tethers. They will think they are already airborne, so will tell the winds “Thanks all the same, but we already have a ride.” And I will be safe. Of moorings and mittens, the tale of Cloud-yarn. Master yarn-worker spins yarn, saves home. Wool futures are up. Would-be students flock to the flocks.

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