The Road To China

A year and a half ago  I wrote a rather traditional feather & fan  lace motif into a simple cowl pattern to be available either  by itself or in an e-book collection of three cowls, and for this lace prototype I used yarn “Road To China Light”.   It was not meant to be by itself anything amazing or noteworthy, but it appears to have meandered its modest way into the Indie Designer Patterns on the Fibre Co. website. I am quite pleasantly surprised, and have excitedly come to spread the news first to Yarnings readers!

I must confess, this is a first for me, and it has brightened everything  on this drizzling cold mountain today.  So, I have decided to make myself another celebratory lace cowl with some more Fibre Co. Road to China Light yarn, and  I have been absolutely craving one in  greyish teal or plum…

Yarn weight: Sport   Skein weight: 50 g
65% baby alpaca, 15% silk, 10% camel, 10% cashmere

Also, I am gifting this pattern (for a very limited time)  to anybody who would like to knit one along with me, in whatever yarn you desire…  

Edit In : Pattern give-away is closed. Thanks to those who joined in!   

I will be posting my lace cowl in whatever yummy color of Fibre Co. yarn I end up choosing and show progress reports on it in forthcoming posts , and I do honestly hope to see you & your project pop up over on Ravelry!

15 thoughts on “The Road To China

  1. Chookie – this has totally made my day! I’m so chuffed to bits for you. Who knows where this could take you or who else will see your talents – fabulous (and about time)! Very well done chooks! xxx

    • Thank you Kelly! I have had zero breaks to date, so this is really a happy find, and I only noticed my pattern listed because somebody bought it and the sale information showed the ‘referred by’ tab to be from FibreCo! And thank you for bathing in my happiness with me. xx

  2. Ho’omaka’i! I plan to knit your pattern after I get my colorwork jumper done. I have this beautiful angora/merino mix that I’ve been dying to knit with and as it’s been in my stash for too long.

  3. I’d love to join in your celebration, and even though I have already knit so many of them, I could afford to try FibreCo Road-To-China yarn for my next. Getting your patterns linked to on a major yarn website (and especially one as fine as Fibre Co!) is definitely a serendipitous event and worth a celebratory knit!

  4. Top row, no less, for a really top drawer designer! Talk about cosmic synchronicity! High flying glee with Altitude. Will you remember me when you are famous? I knew your day would come, as ‘They’ say. I’m so proud of you. (As if I had anything to do with your hard work and talent.) Thank goodness for people who are clever enough to track their sales’ sources with referral info. My project page is added, too, so thank you. “Luv ya babe. Don’t change a thing.” (That’s how famous folk talk, ya know.)

    • Terry, such an entertainer you are! The sales are all tracked in Ravelry, in case anybody is wondering, if there is an outside link (a referral link) it is because of Rav’s great thing they have going. I imagine that FibreCo just finds all the indie designers on knitting online websites & magazines, and includes at least the nice ones in their line-up on their pattern pages. It is nothing hugely important other than a nice tickle to my designing confidence & hits the sweet spot for sure by sending more pattern sales my way. Thank you for making a project and I’ve sent you the pattern, and away we go… into spring with a smile & a skip! xx

  5. Yeah! I am so happy about that !
    What an honour for your designing work…… Great!
    (I love those unexpected “gifts” in exhausting / foggy / grey days!)

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