forthcoming and fishy….


Hello folks! Another sneak peek about what is forthcoming & fishy.


I was surprised to find so many very interesting & artful old photos of women fishing…


These are but a few,


 Finding these photos has rather set a theme.  A theme which seems to be finding itself, as I knit  and knit  samples of my new design.

Something about women …. and… fishing?

Three women fishing. - [1908?]

Well yes,  that’s about it in a nutshell. More to come…

 for now I’m “gone fishing” .


but I will be back again very soon, with some more knitting and more hints to the forthcoming Fishy Thing!

jenjoycedesign© forthcoming

15 thoughts on “forthcoming and fishy….

  1. Who knew you could fish in a bustle and really groovy boots? Those items on your chair look ree-all purdy. (Colors to dream of.) But what is it with you and fishing and the sea? Where did you grow up, and are you feeling landlocked? I’m beginning to think you are a reincarnated Scots/Irish fisherman. (Imagine a conciliatory smile here.)
    :» )

    • Terry, I am giving a good chuckle.. yes, yes, yes… landlocked in the hot arid Pacific inland, with my North Sea ancestry beckoning me out to the piers. Sigh…
      (( and thank you so much for liking the whats-up-and-coming!)) xx

  2. I love the first young girls photo. It looks as if she raced home from school, grabbed her pole and straight out to go fushn’

  3. I like the lady sitting in the chair. It looks as though someone tied her apron strings to the chair rungs. Hmm…

  4. Very interesting photographs and the one with Lucille Ball is my favorite! I can hardly wait to get a closer look at your new design.

    • Kelly, well you know, as chief, cook, & bottlewasher, knitting an ensemble of something takes a bit of time. Very soon I’ll have the last off the needles, promise! xx

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