A cause for celebration. . .

jenjoycedesign© roof.jpgA cause for celebration because the roof is finished!  Most of you out there have no idea what a difficult process it was to get to the point of being ready for the roofers to come, through the gusts of wind and rain,  all through winter and early spring, up here in the wild where everything is quite a bit more challenging.  But with a sigh in my heart I can now relax, and the next inspection can proceed with roof complete, ready for some serious action to begin in the weeks ahead ;  windows and sliding doors will all be in place, and the rooms will begin to take shape with drywall and upstairs subfloor too, covering the plumbing, electrical & mechanical chaos.  Soon the elements of the house’s layout & personality will be recaptured.

Meanwhile, it was utterly heartwarming to know that Emma is still a hit on my blog, and although she can’t walk very well, she is a stellar napper, and still keeps me company through the days. Thank you everybody who attended Emma’s little birthday celebratory post  last week, and for you who would like to take a peek in the archives, all posts Emma’s Birthday are here. 

18 thoughts on “A cause for celebration. . .

    • Yes Sarah, now the floor inspection upstairs can be done, (an unexpected inspection hold-up because of the roof was not finished) and the floors , walls, and roof will taking shape… rooms will feel like rooms again ! xx

      • Sarah, see that window upstairs over the front porch? That is my Loft Room studio, my creative space, and I am so excited to see it again, oh how I have missed that room !

      • Yes, get those annoying but necessary inspections done! Rooms feeling like rooms is AMAZING. It wont; be long before you are all living in those rooms. I wonder how Emma feels to see her identical home reforming before her very eyes?

        • Emma really is not able to get into the house right now, not until the ramp goes up, but I think she is aware of the house being there again, as I drive her up (in her room, the back of the Rav) often when I do work (like weed-whacking, and picking up construction mess) … she is happy I think, and aware of a sense of going back home. Definitely.

    • Kelly, I can’t keep you wondering for long, there’s going to be lots of progress posts to come. It feels a little strange to let the world see our little house inside and out, but its such a poignant and valuable process. The house being my not only my home, but apparently the backdrop behind my creativity. xx

  1. Hurray! and congratulations from the bottom of my heart to you, for such a cheering luck of getting your shelter back! a proper roof will no longer let you stand “out in the rain”, feeling homeless, it will give you back the secure feeling of being calm and save!
    I love seeing this womderful milestone photo today!
    xx Petra

    • Yes Petra, I do feel like I’ve been brought in from the rain somewhat . . . the rain of desperate loss and pelting insecurity, and yes, just as you say, I hope soon to feel so much more calm and safe. Danke mein freundinchen, xx

  2. Beautiful! So peaceful looking and seeing all the “green” surrounding your soon to be home is really heartwarming and hopeful. Peace, my friend.

    • Thank you Virginia, and it is rather encouraging to see the regrowth of the burned trees vigorously taking over the landscape! In a year’s time, there’ll be chickadees congregating in them! xx

    • Michele, my childhood friend, how our lives ebb, twist & turn. I am feeling a bit better these days, just a centimeter, how about you? xx

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