jenjoycedesign© loft room 3

Knots and crevasses in the wood make mysterious pictures and words. Tree pictographs. What do you think this beam in the loft room is saying?  Wood speaks, sings, and I am sure this word is going to give meaning to something, on down the road.

jenjoycedesign© loft room 1

Look here, the loft room just waiting for me to move into it, it is beckoning me to come inside with all my newly collected tools of my trade.  About now I am ecstatic because things are really happening!  As I post this,  the plasterer is about finished with the taping, and tomorrow will be back to perform his artful texture.

jenjoycedesign© loft room 2

Now looking through the doorways into the loft room, I am so much more encouraged than I was back in February, with a Then & Now post.  These are rooms taking shape, rooms that have impacted my life, and will again, in a deeply profound way.   So many times I would photograph through the front doorway, and capture the bliss of the woods as if through a magic portal, and post here on my blog with a thought of the day.  And now we finally have a front door exactly as the former door was.

jenjoycedesign© front door

I do feel a great sense of release of the unbearable heaviness of loss and of waiting. It is such a tremendous gift that I am even here posting these progress photos with you, about something that feels so much like a death & rebirth in a span of a few years, but ripples out into my life in the furthest way, arousing a constant resonating gratitude.

♥     ♥     ♥

 ” Po ” . . .  to me,  in this moment,

translates to ” peaceful offerings ” from the mountain.

Stay tuned, so much is happening now, and I will no doubt be back very soon.

10 thoughts on “Po

  1. So glad your house is up again and nearing completion. Wishes for a happy and safe life there. My daughter’s house in Mark West Springs is just in the very beginning stage of rebuilding after lots of infrastructure reconstruction.

    • Ginger, I’m so happy for your daughter, and for those who are now getting their permit after a painful wait. I am not in the know about the Sonoma County permit process, but Napa County is not keeping up on their promise of ‘ fast-tracking ‘ the permits. Let me tell you, after our contractors are gone, we will be left with the remainder of a few months worth of work to do ourselves before our house passes final inspection, and by that time, many of this latest flurry of new rebuilds will be completing too ~~ let me just say, by the end of the year? There are a couple of neighbors up here on the mountain who have just been issued their permits, and its very exciting to see their homes being rebuilt, and it will just be magic to see them moved back into their rebuilt homes, even if before we have. I hope your daughter’s home is giving her much happiness! xx

      • Ps. Jeff agreed there was no reason I could not occupy my ‘studio’ and get busy again , even if refurbishing furniture, sewing curtains, making a quilt, or designing ” Po “… lol… that is what you are seeing in this post, my glee over being willing to settle with the room being ” finished enough ” before the house is ready. xx

  2. Oh Jennifer
    This is just marvelous! What a glorious swoop toward the circle being unbroken you are making!
    And those trees beyond the doors!
    This makes me yearn for my ghost-town… but in a wonderful way.
    Simple the best.

    • Karin, does your Ghost Town beckon you? Can you visit soon, now that its nearing a comfortable winter and no wildfires could harm you?

      • I went and had a visit a month ago.
        It is very hard there in winter and the solar system needs replacing and it is totally wood fired.
        I will be back in spring!

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