Our little spot.

jenjoycedesign© knitting lane 4
Introducing Emma’s and my walking lane, where we can still walk together.  It is only about a tenth of a mile long, and walking the length of it out and back five times it is a mile.  She and I are working on a new sock pattern by the way, which will be tribute to all the walking we’ve done over the years.
jenjoycedesign© knitting lane 6
This is our new private spot, where nobody is ever around but maybe occasional workers in the vineyard, and being so quiet it offers wonderful solitude, especially in the mornings.  It is a sort of base camp where I can park at one shady end, walk back and forth while working or knitting, and Emma can be with me, because since turning fourteen, she hangs out in the back of the car and watches.
jenjoycedesign© knitting lane 9
This little spot was a very over-grown access road for power lines which borders ours and a neighboring parcel, and is really quite secluded.  This is just one of those things I don’t know why I didn’t focus on earlier, but I’m glad I am now, for I can drive Emma down here every morning for our walk “together”  and afternoons too if its not too hot.
jenjoycedesign© knitting lane 8
While over the years Emma and I walked regularly up the ridge to the peak of the mountain and beyond, the wildfire destroyed so much that for sheer tree fall, walking up the ridge is impossible presently.  Also Jeff had recently got a heavy duty rechargeable battery operated dual line weed-whacker, and so now I can mow and maintain this little lane, and what is amazing is that on our property this is the only level spot.   Presently I am having to move quite a lot of rocks and battling wild black berries, but I’ll get there eventually.
jenjoycedesign© knitting lane 2I think I’ll officially name it Emma’s Lane. And here she this morning, hunkering down in her castle, watching me and keeping company while I work.
jenjoycedesign© knitting lane & Emma

8 thoughts on “Our little spot.

  1. Oh my god. The end of the lane used to be SUCH a jungle! Although its not as jungly, it could have been worse. It still looks so peaceful. Yes, it will forever be Emma’s Lane. That’s perfect.xo

    • Believe me, the wildfire took care of that jungle, it is only in the last year growing any vegetation at all! Of course, PG&E did their thing, and there’s a huge amount of tall firs gone, but oh well, it is a power line access. I am so excited about our new walking green!

  2. Your little spot looks fabulous. Emma seems to be very happy to be able to watch you from her comfortable location.

    • Wen! I am determined to find a place to walk , as your success with walking your way to health is resonating for me! I have been trying to not to be too picky, but this little straight-a-way called Emma’s Lane, plus my knitting track will be my daily focus, working them back to something beautiful. xx

    • Sarah, I think Emma really appreciates just bebopping around with me wherever I go, and if down to work or a short level mile of knit walking, she can watch. She isn’t doing too well with walking at a these days, but I know she is walking in her spirit. xx

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