newness & oldness

jenjoycedesign© spinning in a room 2

Spinning in a room that feels old and familiar,

yet is barely even new.

jenjoycedesign© spinning in a room 1

The rest of the house is in building chaos & still no doors,  but I’ve got the skeleton of my Loft room in place,  filled with old furniture.  I have everything I think I could possibly need, as I have been collecting the essential now for nearly two years, and some unessential as well. I am exhausted of shopping,  I want to be doing now.

I have struggled with the place of things in this room,  but now I think I have arrived at a floor plan that works, although a bit on the cozy side. I am so intrigued with clean surfaces lately, with everything in its proper drawer or cabinet, so the bookcase of three shelves is potentially problematic and some day I plan on downsizing as it for its too large for my little library,  dangerously inviting clutter, and therefore indecision into the room.   jenjoycedesign© spinning in a room 6

I have been indecisive and feeling strangely familiar with everything, yet at the same time I feel an awkward discord just not being use to anything.  I hope that odd feeling goes away in time as I begin to work at things, because now all tools of the trade are ready.  I am waiting for the waves of inspiration to carry me away!

So far only spinning for a project.

I am committed to these fluffy beautiful swirls of wool and getting themt spun at a casual pace in the weeks ahead,

and committed to getting to know this room of newness & oldness.

9 thoughts on “newness & oldness

  1. I love the things you have collected, they look homey and warm. As for the bookcase, it would look pretty with baskets of fiber…Which would not be adding to the clutter but displaying existing stash.😉

    • Sarah, I did collect quite a few things actually. Those Longaberger baskets were for having a knitting project in every in every room with those. At one time in my life I had fiber oozing out of every possible container in this creative space (I crack up, the builder contractor called my Loft a ” sewing room ” so past-generation of a thing to call such a room) , but I do agree with you, that nice displays of fiberly goodness is lovely, especially the wool bits I am presently spinning. I am so oddly oppressed by clutter the older I get which makes no sense, because it goes against my nature; which is to make huge chaotic messes when I do things like cook, etc. I really want to dial in the ergonomics of the room. For example, that table there at the foot of the bed, it is really too big and oppressive for that space, and not very ergonomic, therefore not inviting to work. Oh, and that bookcase is actually the top part of the hutch thing at the left at the entrance — and I was so disappointed when I brought that thing home, and it did not fit in the room, and prevented the doors from swinging open comfortably, it was a bomb, so I divided it. No other choice, now its a cabinet and a bookcase. I do want to take it apart, sand the old pine up nice, and put it back together narrower, probably to hang on the wall and put the table under it against the wall. I’ll figure things out. Thank you for having a look! xx

    • Oh, and guess what? A total mistake thinking our final inspection was this coming week ~~ it is merely a preliminary inspection (fire) to the final. I didn’t have the heart to bring that up on my board. I figure I’ll just wait until it is passed before I say anything. lol.

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