jenjoycedesign© Autumn Sweaters 2019

Forthcoming are a very late couple of Autumn 2019 sweaters for my nieces.  Here the first one is blocking, that is, washed and drying to shape, on the bed in the loft room across the sunlit stairway landing.  The other of the two is in the last stretch of knitting, soon to be blocking in this same space by tomorrow.

jenjoycedesign© Autumn Sweater

The house is feeling like its old self again, regardless of the lack of finish floor and trim,  and so the settled place of things brings on a settled feeling of calm, and  I am very happy about the way my creativity is slowly returning.

jenjoycedesign© Autumn Sweater #1

I’m soon to be hoisting up my sails for a run of ideas that have been brewing while I have had to wait until these sweaters were done & dusted, so I am almost there. One down , one to go!

11 thoughts on “Forthcoming

  1. House is looking lovely chookie. I’m so glad you’re settling in. Looking forward to seeing both jumpers. I love the colours of your walls in the first photo. Very calming. Hope you are all well. X

  2. It’s all so exciting…a new old home, knitting in progress, sunshine and shadows, and Emma of course. It’s funny though when I look at the sweater on the bed I feel like there needs to be a beautiful cat laying on the sweater. 😂😂😂LV

    • Virginia, I am just sighing the deepest of relief, those things (the light and shadow, sweater or stole blocking on the bed, and the cats ) are just the things that make our homes a temple! xx

    • Wendy, it is feeling better each day. Jeff and I have a lot of work still to do, but I’m finding just a notch more relaxing going on in spite of all the work! xx

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