Solstice Lanterns Tam!

jenjoycedesign© Solstice Lanterns Tam 2

Solstice Lanterns is a colorwork tam with original motifs depicting lit lanterns glowing in the festive time of deep winter when the earth takes a nap and we all make merry.

jenjoycedesign© Solstice Lanterns Tam folded

Jolly wee lanterns hang in the base of the crown above the ribbing,  and the color changes are close together so you can carry the colors upward without having to snip the yarns, making the finish work of weaving in ends minimal . . .

jenjoycedesign© Solstice Lanterns Tam detail beneathunderside4

. . . and elegant  chandelier lanterns in the upper crown, cozy with scrolls and checking and the detail of the lights casting a glow is rather delightful . . .

jenjoycedesign© Solstice Lanterns Tam lights detail

However, as these sort of things go, it doesn’t much matter what they are,  because the kaleidoscopic affect of the design is quite transfixing.  I knit this tam in a lovely Elemental Affects Shetland 2-ply yarn , which I am a big fan of.  But by the time knitters are able to get their yarn to needles for this, it will likely be only a few weeks left to the Winter Solstice . 

jenjoycedesign© Solstice Lanterns Tam 1

So speedily gather your Shetland 2ply yarns of choice, cups of tea, mugs of coffee, plates of baked goodies, and a lot of spiritual calm and please do knit one of these up for yourself before the holidays are past.

jenjoycedesign© Solstice Lanterns Tam 8

Poetically speaking, the lanterns have a deeper meaning for me, and that is ~~  a light in the dark is hope,  and from our hearts shines a beacon for the future.

  The pattern is available HERE. 

♥    ♥      ♥

Now, just in case you are thinking,  what about the grey-scale tam that I knit up in Jamiesons Spindrift ?  Well, it is a bit of dark humor (excuse the pun) as I knit it during a Public Safety Power Shut-off during a very windy few days in October (power lines and wind are a major cause of wildfires in California) , and which in fact lasted a week in the  mountainous areas north of the bay. Then, due to falling trees there have been still more power outages, and furthermore,  the power is OUT as I post this!!!  With a bit of irony, I introduce to you my slightly sinister  ” Lights Out In California ” . . .

jenjoycedesign© Lights Out in California

Adorned with a tidy wee felted toorie which I made & posted about yesterday . . .

jenjoycedesign© Lights Out In California 1

Equally as good looking as the festive prototype! However, now that I’ve posted the “Lights Out” version, I have a mind to stitch in colored lights. I’ll think about it. In the mean time, please do check out all the details of Solstice Lanterns over on Ravelry, as it is now live!   Thank you ~  xx Jen

18 thoughts on “Solstice Lanterns Tam!

  1. Oh Ben, I think I’ll tell YOU the story I omitted in the post; so I had concieved of this very wintery color photo ensemble a few weeks ago, and when I went to the huge craft store Michaels, there I was lost in the aisle of fake greenery and the one of festive holiday ribbons (I was looking for evergreen bits , red berries, your favorite Stewart tartan — or just a plaid of red, white, green & yellow — ribbon and something gold, to reflect the lights of the lanterns. I bought a package of the fake greenery, I confess (which I will now return). I was lent those little LED lights, and well, then as the tam was drying stretched out, it was time for a walk! I stormed up the ridge road, and the toyon berries were SO bright red! I grabbed some of those , and as I got back home, I noticed so many tips of fir branches strewn all over the drive from the windstorm a couple of weeks ago, as well as many little fir cones, and grabbed some of those. Even though they were already dry and losing their needles, I dunked them in water hoping to make them glisten. Well , there were needles all over the floor, and still are there, but you’d never know about all of that unless I told you, it was the walk before the photo was ready to photograph that I gathered the magic!
    Thank you for listening. 🙂 xx

    • Natural beauty always wins out for me. Nature’s perfection and simplicity. Music is the same way… for me playing Bach without much vibrato, just pure pitch, gentle dynamics, improvising rubato as I feel it in the moment.

      And you, Jen, doing the same in nature, seeing colors and natural plants, improvising from your creativity.

  2. I am so far behind on the blogs but catching up now, so sorry to be late to say I love these tams!!! I have never been a tam wearing person but perhaps I should become one..

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