Emma was.


It takes every bit of bravery I can manage to post this, and take a break from tears. She seemed to want to live forever, and we were so ready to let her, but she died peacefully last weekend, her daddy and me with her.  For nearly fifteen years her fur has lined the nests of generations of birds in this part of the mountain, and her memory does not escape the places we walked, they are forever etched along the landscape. Forever.

You can see  All Posts Emma  archived from the beginning of this blog.

31 thoughts on “Emma was.

  1. Dear Jen

    My heart breaks for you. I am so sorry that Emma is gone, but she will be in your heart and memory forever. Hugs

    Love, Wendy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Wen, thank you much. And you have lost a few close pets recently, heartbroken, and so when the tears dry, we realize the memories are so important. Emma was a happy dog. xx

  2. I’m so sorry to read this. She had a lovely life with you. It’s so heartbreaking to lose our fur babies. I feel for you chookie. Sending lots of love. X

    • Kelly, I’ve not been able to face posting replies until this moment, now 11 days later. I know you feel the weight of such sadness, you too have been through so much loss. I’ve never bonded with a dog before Emma, and I just never knew it could happen, but it took me by surprise, about 6 months after we got her, and my cat of 17 years died, then I transfered everything that was in me to Emma. I was 43 then, and it was such an epic and important time of my life; going into middle age with her I think there was a spring when Emma was my age in dog years, then by the end of the summer she was Jeff’s age, and we were all ‘fifty something’ together that year. I have to say, of all the most heart-wrenching memories was her not wanting to walk very far, and there was a spot a little less than a half mile up the ridge where she would stop and give me the sad-eye. I pressed her to keep going, but now that I am feeling older and more vulnerable, that time of life when easing up is so important, and letting off of hard expectations. I just learned from that experience that gentle aging is beautiful, and I loved Emma most as her vulnerable fragile old arthritic self, and would care for her forever that way, lifting her, helping her walk, feeding her from my hand — for when she was a young dog oh, she was such a force. Kelly, thank you so very much for the gift of the flora, that was such a sweet thought. xx

  3. Crying with you, Pea. Remember that you gave her a lovely life on the mountain and she knew that she was loved. She’ll be watching out for you on the trails. Loves and tears xoxoxo

    • Sorcha, it is such a happy thought that the day we got her, or the next day, you came up to see her. You had been Auntie to her ever since! Thank you so much for alllll your kindness to her, and chasing her around the house over and over was one of her great joys I think. She will lick your tears up and leave you smiling. xx

    • Tracy, thank you for posting a note. I feel badly for you, reciprocating the heavy heart. Won’t the tears make way for happy laughs one day? I hope so. All the best to you xx

  4. Travel well, Emma, to the eternal hunting fields and keep an eye on your people (((( )))) …. she will, Jen, been there too :-°

    • Bie, Emma was *such* a dog with a massive prey drive, she once actually caught a grey squirrel! I do think she’s keeping an eye on me, I surely am thinking of her all the time. Thank you for being a dear new presence in the group and even my blog, and I believe it was our good talk about our dogs a few weeks ago which was the connection.xx

  5. I’m so very sorry you’ve lost your dear Emma. I hope as time passes all the wonderful photos and memories you have will help ease the pain.

    • Hello Kristi, thank you. I hope the Emma photos don’t come to an end, I may keep posting from the archives, as she is the mascot of this place, Thank you again, xx

  6. Dearest Jennifer
    I am so very sorry for your loss. She was a wonderful dog who was blessed with a wonderful life.
    I remember fondly walking my shepherd Tyler with Emma on a trail of Mt Tamalpias.
    Tyler is long since passed but lives on in our hearts. As will Emma. In yours. Such wonderful photos ❤️🌈❤️ 🌈❤️Lance

    • Lance, I haven’t been able to answer the replies until now, 11 days later. We did talk a lot about Tyler, but I don’t recall our walk on Mt Tamalpias had either of the dogs with us. Oh, our beloved pups meant so much. Thank you for stepping up and sending rainbows for Emma, it means a lot to me. xx

  7. I have been dreading this post and I am crying hard ugly tears for a dog who always will…
    Oh Jen I am so sorry.
    I can only imagine the grief you feel with Emma’s passing…
    Your beautiful girl.
    Such a good girl…
    Dogs are such powerful bookends. When they pass a lot of history tumbles up and out…
    Oh honey! take care…
    Always here.
    Sending deepest strongest love
    And sharing this loss in ways to painful to express here.

  8. Jen,
    Emma was. And Emma is—with you—and us—always. Such a sweet pup. We will miss her. Thank you so much for sharing her with us.

  9. Filled with empathy, missing my sweet boy…grieving with you for your sweet girl. It will get better….but, oh! so slowly….

    Allow yourself to grieve in your own way and heal at your own pace.

    My thoughts are with you, on that journey….


  10. We are immortal beings, Jen. Love is eternal. As You well know, grief is a necessary step to healing from a great loss, and sharing here is part of your healing.

    I lost my dear friend David 2 years ago, and the grieving for me was such that I couldn’t attend the memorial for him. I’m just now beginning to accept the reality and how it has impacted my life. My love for him will be with me and will impact me in a positive way forever. And so You likewise, take your Emma love, embrace it, and carry it with You in a light and happy way. Hugs, Ben

    • Ben, you haven’t lived until you have felt paralyzed by loss. I am so sorry you are still mourning David, and to have a hole in your life in the shape of him, is in itself, something. xx

  11. It is so hard to lose a close friend. My dogs are so dear to me. When one dies it takes part of my soul with her. My condolences.

  12. Oh Jen, I am truly sorry to learn if Emmas passing. May she Rest In Peace and her memories bring you joy, in time.
    Hugs dear friend,

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